Thursday, 9 June 2011

Green with ethical envy

Forget black been the most popular colour in fashion because this season everyone's going green. That's right. Now I'm not talking about 'the little green dress' or saying 'green's the most flattering colour'. I'm talking about been green with our shopping bags and supporting retailers with being ethical and organic. So, whose the greenest of them all?

 H&M launched their Concious Collection range at the beginning of this year as an attempt to promote the brand as being ethically minded. The range is environmentally adapted using greener materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Marks and Spencer have certified Fair Trade basics and a long standing organic cotton range.
More recently the brand has partnered up with charity Oxfam to urge customers to donate their unwanted M&S items to the charity and will be then rewarded with a £5 gift voucher - being paid to be charitable to a good cause? Its a win win situation!

Asda is one of the most ethically challenged brands with a huge range of their customer base in demand for organic cotton. Their ethical ranges vary from toddler clothes right through to towels and bedlinen. Not bad for a supermarket brand...

Making other retailers green with envy, these three brands are leading the way ethically, environmentally and economically too. Whilst its onwards and upwards for these organically focussed companies, lets just hope the others follow suit...

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