Monday, 6 June 2011

New Image, New Brand, New Look

A popular high street choice amongst young adults making that transition from girl to young lady in the fashion stakes, New Look is repeatedly living up to all the usual high street expectations. Although over the last six months, they have majorly stepped up the pace by branching out commercially via their television advertisement, glossy magazine PR shots and, most recently, an association with channel 4 on a purely fashion based program New Look's Style The Nation.

Presented by the delicious Nick Grimshaw on T4 every Saturday at 11.25am, the program enables wannabe fashion stylists to go head to head to win the ultimate prize: a stylist job at New Look. Not only does the program give young adults a chance at their dream job, but it promotes the brand and showcases New Look's key pieces of the season; thats a good promotional techniques for you!

Plus, viewers at home can join in with all the fun on their interactive styling game by dressing a virtual mannequin and, once completed, they give you a £5 off voucher to purchase the items you have just styled with- what more could a girl want?!

Alongside the television programme is the advertisement. Shown at prominent target customer viewing times such as during Hollyoaks ad break or after Style the Nation programme, the advert is everything New Look represents; current, fashionable and fun. With a fantastic soundtrack from The Notes with Maybe Baby putting New Look on the indie fashion radar.

As New Look improves commercially in more ways than one, how long will it take before other brands try to follow in pursuit of becoming just as marketable as a fashion high street brand as they are?

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