Thursday, 30 June 2011

Are Supermarkets Ruining our Highstreet?

The retail industry kicked off the week announcing that Jane Norman had gone into administration, quickly following suit was Habitat, TJ Hughes and Thorntons. All three have such prominent positions within our well known high streets, so where is it all going wrong?

As huge supermarket chains seemingly go from strength to strength, I'm left wondering if the likes of Sainsburys, Asda and Tesco are a little to blame for the fall of some big retailers.

People these days love convenience. We live in an easy option, disposable, fast fashion world with quality being overridden by quantity. We want it all now and in the most convenient way for us. Looking for a new dress for Saturday night? You can pick it up in your local supermarket whilst doing your weekly food shop. Looking for some sexy lingerie to spice up your love life? Look no further than Asda. Hunting for some posh chocolates for your mums birthday? Tesco will sort you out.

If we can buy everything all under one roof, from food to clothes, shoes to homewares then no wonder we are bidding a tearful fairwell to high street icons like Habitat.

However, just because its convenient doesn't mean it looks good. I don't know about you but I'm sick of seeing badly dressed people taking inspiration from Sainsbury's latest TU range - half massed chinos in every colour are a no-go. We need to be encouraging people to support the high street and (please god please) see whats on trend and be advised by trained fashion assistants and whats hot and what most deffinately is not!

We need to feel the need to go to the high streets and shopping malls for our luxuries and not be swayed to the clothing department whilst were trying to buy our meat and veg (!). As obesity levels rise in the country, laziness sets in - how many calories does shopping burn? I'm guessing a lot and with supermarkets branching off into "fashion" not only is it encouraging our laziness but its killing the big fashion retailers.

So step back Asda with your repetitive tunics, stay away Sainsburys with your ill fitted trousers. And Tesco please just top trying! Supermarkets stick to the food and let the real retailers do the fashion. Its time to support your old favourite retailers and boycott the food chains - well until you need your Sunday roast ingredients that is...

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