Friday, 30 December 2011

Miss Selfridge Up the Jewellery Ante....

I'll be honest with you now - I rarely shop in Miss Selfridge. So when I found myself wandering in the store the other day and came across their jewellery collection by Diva I was pleasantly surprised to find some amazing and unique pieces.

Regular readers of my blog will know how I love Caggie Dunlop's style and especially her selective eye for cool jewellery. The current pieces from Miss Selfridge remind me of her relaxed, boho style with fringe details, loop chains in gold and clusters of unusual stones. Shop the collection online here and see my personal top picks below:

Body Piece
Miss Selfridge
 I have not seen a jewellery piece like this anywhere on the high street. I love the daintiness of it yet it would be the perfect statement accessory to dress up a simple LBD for a night out.
Miss Selfridge
 Mustard has to be one of my favourite colour tones of the season! Another statement piece perfect to add interest to a plain polo neck or jumper.
Miss Selfridge
 I have been searching for something similar to this ring-bracelet since spotting Caggie Dunlop's in an episode of Made in Chelsea! The above is embellished with diamante - a glitzy take on an upcoming key seasonal piece for Spring 2012...
Miss Selfridge
 Similar to the previous, but with a cuff that tightens around the forearm - a perfect addition to a summer dress whilst away on holiday; roll on Summer 2012!

Arm Charm
Miss Selfridge
This unusual  piece of jewellery goes around the forearm to leave the droplets to fall downwards over the rest of your arm. Having never seen anything like this ever before (even from outside of the high street) I'm adding this to my 'must-have' list...
Miss Selfridge
If you're style has been heavily influenced this season by aztec prints and ikat design then fear not as the trend remains strong for the upcoming SS2012 season. I can't wait to get my fingers on this ring...

If these pieces haven't inspired your accessory collection yet, then see more online at But click quick as I can see these pieces flying out before the new season hits down....

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Monday, 26 December 2011

Damn you Boxing Day Shoppers....!

First up, Merry Christmas to all my blog readers - I hope you all had a wonderful time! Secondly, if you're reading this now, today, on Boxing Day I am predicting that you haven't been tempted by the post Christmas retail sales and for that I applaud you...

For the last five years I have worked Boxing Day and it has always astounded me why people would want to venture out into the cold and go shopping. For the lead up to Christmas its all we do - as soon as we receive our advent calendars and open window number one, it's like we're on shopper-mode. We become tunnel visioned with a see-it buy-it attitude purchasing gifts for our loved ones. We become one of 'those' shoppers - you know the ones that have a demonic look in their eye as they storm down the high street, hundreds of carrier bags cutting into their wrists as they rush to the next store but already thinking about the one after that...

And then Christmas Day comes and we can all have a day off from the retail consumed world. Or not. It was estimated yesterday that £186million would be spent by consumers shopping online on Christmas Day itself! Surely you people have had enough of spending?

But as Boxing Day arrives and queues and queues of people (or animals as I like to call them....) form, waiting with baited breath for the likes of Next to open their doors at 6am or Debenhams at 7am for their exclusive 'sales', it seems we're a culture obsessed with consumerism. Well, I'll let you all into a little may think you're getting bargains today but this time next week there will be a little occurrence in retail known as 'further markdowns' and that last season's dress you have just queued up for in the early hours of the morning will have another fiver knocked off it - shocker!

Now don't get me wrong, I want the retail business to be booming and to be making lots of money, but for the sanctity of the retail workers (you know the ones who have worked solid since 1st December, the ones who have dealt with all the hellish customers, who have been yo-yo-ed between Christmas set up and sale) you should all stay at home! You should be with your families, eating chocolate from 10am and watching good ol' fashioned films like Wizard of Oz or The Sound of Music. Not doing what you have been for the last twenty eight days!

But as I write this in my pyjamas with a chocolate orange in one hand and bank card in the other, I may indulge in some light internet shopping (now that's what I like to call clever!). Otherwise, there is always tomorrow - when Christmas is over and it is then socially acceptable to venture out to shop the sales. So if you are greeted by a grumpy customer service assistant, or your demand is met with a shrug of the shoulders and a look of 'could I care less' then you will understand that because of your shopping addiction (come on you must have one!) they have had to end their Christmas early just to serve you....

So I hope you enjoy your shopping experience today. I hope last season's dress fits you perfectly and was worth the early morning call - just don't forget to not be too greedy and save some bargains for myself as I'll be repeating your antics of today tomorrow - when it is acceptable in the retail world to go shopping again! So until then....

Happy Shopping

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Teapot Trinkets...

Call me crazy (maybe its that time of year?!) but I am obsessed with teapots of late! Whether they be sitting pretty in a department store, chipped and scratched at a vintage fair or gathering dust in a charity shop. I don't know what it is but they are my new 'thing' at the minute and I really want one to accessorise my kitchen with. Bearing in mind I don't drink tea (if anything I have a mild phobia of hot drinks in general...) this is a kind of kooky and down right bizarre new fascination of mine...

I'm currently swooning over these prettiful ones from John Lewis:

John Lewis

John Lewis

John Lewis

John Lewis

John Lewis
How cute are they?! I don't think you need to be a drinker of tea to be a teapot owner...that's what I keep telling myself anyway!

Happy Shopping

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Monday, 19 December 2011

1950's Cute Cardigan Christmas Look...

So if you're anything like me, you will have had your Christmas party dress picked out since October but then when it comes to what to wear for Christmas day itself, its all panic stations at the ready! Do you go for a bright, garish novelty jumper? A glitzy number or do you dress down in jeans and a polo? Well this season, ladies, you should forget the traditional Christmas code of dress and channel your inner 1950's pin-up with these adorable finds from Warehouse...

Cute Cardigan
 Are you too skint after your Christmas shopping sprees to afford the Chanel four pocket cardigan? Yes, I thought so - me too....! But hot on our tails to cater to our fashion craving for all things designer is this beautiful high street version from Warehouse! In a candy-girl pink with cute fitted pockets, this little gem is the perfect cover up for a cosy Christmas day....

Midi Skirt
Style your new cardigan with a 1950's style midi skirt - glam it up with a pair of Mary Janes for a vintage inspired outfit...

Vintage inspired pendant
A charming pendant like the one above is eclectic yet chic...
 Complete the look with this adorable little satchel - I love the mustard undertones; a colour that has been everywhere this season!

Happy Shopping

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Mary Portas Heads High Street Rescue!

If you're a high street champion like myself, you will have more than likely been addicted to all of the news bulletins on the Mary Portas High Street Review as released early today. Mary was commissioned by the government to 'save the high street' - a daunting task for most individuals but Mary is no ordinary individual: she is "The Queen of Shops"....

Her most valid point within her review is the idea of introducing social areas where you are bringing the people to a destination for more than just shopping. We should be creating hubs of activity - taking inspiration from the monster shopping malls which offer their consumer everything from fashion and food to cinema and gym facilities. If independent businesses planned wisely where they would place their shop in situe, more people would venture to the area thus creating more monetary opportunities.

But independent retailers can't do this alone. Surely there is a position within the government or council who decides whether businesses can go in certain areas or be on hand to advise where it would be successful with the right customer contact and neighbouring retailers? A visual merchandiser in the sense of business placement, or a branch planner in the means of whether the location is successful and so forth?

Another valid point that arose on Twitter whilst the topic of Mary Portas' High Street Review was trending worldwide (#portasreview) came from tweeter @mmm_newcastle "Instead of a National Market Day why not have a National No Supermarket Day?" What a fantastic idea! In my opinion (and like I have touched upon previously within my past blog posts) supermarket giants have robbed what used to make the high street so worthwhile. Now thanks to the likes of Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco and the latter, there is no need to go to Curries for your electricals, or Homebase for your DIY equipment, nor HMV for music and games and remember when you was a kid and used to enjoy trips to Toys R Us? Well that can now be done down a designated aisle within your local supermarket. And thanks to the "fashion" lines of these unruly chains, customers can shop everything under one roof. George tea dress anyone? TU jumper? Er, actually, I would rather pass personally....

Whilst the government continue to 'boo-hoo' Mary's ideas saying they need better ideas to make a bigger impact quickly, they seem to be forgetting something. It took a long time for the retail industry to get into this turmoil so the same will be expected until we pull ourselves out of it. And in reference to the latter, 'we' all need to participate in Project Save the High Street. The government need to portray a positive image of the high street and cascade good news of when retailers are increasing sales so consumers 'buy into' the good of the high street as opposed to steering clear of the negativity that currently surrounds it. Customers need to embrace the experience of shopping the streets as opposed to from the comfort of their own sofa via the internet. And supermarkets need to stick to what they do best and leave the fashion and other retail aspects to the experts!

The high street needs to be creating the ultimate shopping experience and over time this could happen....we just need to discover that pzazz that seems to be missing! And I have all the faith that Mary Portas is the woman to do this......

Thursday, 8 December 2011

I Heart Caggie Dunlop...

Made In Chelsea may be over until the next series begins, but I am still lusting over the gorgeous Caggie Dunlop and her quirky bohemian glamour style! I've tracked down a couple of images of my fave Caggie-esque outfits....

Designer handbag in tow, Cags perfects the chilled out hippy look with a floor skimming maxi dress and embellished sandals on an evening out. I love the bundle of bangles on her wrist too!

Grunging down her LBD and sexy Henry Holland tights with a parka, Caggie perfects two looks in one...

Floaty fabrics, vintage inspired applique and naturally tousled hair: effortless...

 I want this vintage coat! Dressed down with a motif t shirt and skinny denim, Caggie yet again looks naturally on trend!

Caggie fans lost the spot (get it?!) when Made In Chelsea aired Ms Dunlop sporting a New Look leopard print coat during her tour around London. The girl has an amazing eye for jewellery too!

I want this floral jacket in my life!! Again, Caggie dresses down an uber glamorous dress with a boho inspired piece - in this case, a silky maxi jacket - swoooooonnn <3

Roll on the next season of Made In Chelsea - never mind the fake story lines and terrible 'acting', its Caggie's wardrobe I want to see!

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Friday, 2 December 2011

Vintage Shopping in London...

One of my favourite past times is vintage shopping and thrifting! It has been quiet some time since I have posted my finds up on my blog but now I am living in London (THE place to get all the best vintage pieces!) I am hoping to be writing many more blog posts on my favourite subject matter!

I attended a vintage fair at Clerkenwell last weekend and bought my first London purchase - this printed maxi shirt dress. I adore the autumnal colour stripes and can't wait to pair it with some cute little ankle boots for the winter season!

Vintage maxi shirt dress £18
Clerkenwell Vintage Fair

70's style shirt dress...

Mixture of spots and stripes makes this dress unique and unusual...

Today I explored Brick Lane and found so many vintage shops! I am quiet suprised I only came away with this item, but my new shopping theory is unless I can't live without it I shouldn't buy it!!

I came across the hugely popular This Shop Rocks on Brick Lane and it does exactly what it says on the tin - it rocks!! And the best part of the shop? The 'Everything £10 and under' section in the basement! One customer found an amazing 1920's style pale pink coat in immaculate condition for £10! Being attracted to print and 70's style clothing, I discovered this little gem:

Boho maxi dress £10
This Shop Rocks

Multicoloured stripes make a 'wow' statement...

It may be a little wacky and over the top for some, but its the whole boho look that I love and the multi coloured stripes really make a statement! I'll be teaming it with a chunky knitted cardigan (vintage!) for now and then with beaded sandals and millions of bangles for the summer!

Stone detail necklace £2

Completely addicted to jewellery and necklaces in particular, I spied this one in Primark! Long and hippy inspired, this quirky piece just had to be added to my increasing collection of all things shiny!

Aztec Blanket Cape £10

Aztec prints are everywhere this season and the blanket cape has been a key piece to update your winter wardrobe. For just £10 Primark's take on the staple item is divine! It can be worn as a cape, an extra long scarf or as a wrap around to snuggle into on those cold winter mornings!

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Warehouse Stratford Store Opening Countdown.....5 days to go...

So I've counted down the Christmas party dresses and the ultimate Warehouse hand bags for this season so what comes next? Well as any WareGirl knows, the brand loves a rather glamorous drape jacket! Used to take your look from day wear to night, as a sophisticated cover up or as a professional looking jacket to head to the office in - its how you Ware it and make it your own thats important!

So with just 5 days until Westfield Stratford City Flagship store opens (Tuesday 6th Decemeber 5pm) its about time you had your fashion fix party outfit sorted and now that all important drape jacket to complete your look....

Fringe Back Jacket
 A classic black suited jacket with that all important Warehouse twist! This one has an unusual fringed back which differentiates the piece from the usual black jackets on the high street and gives that all important cheeky glimpse of what's underneath - sexy!
Teal Drape Jacket
 Teal has been the 'it' colour of the season that has filled the high street with a dash of colour thats normally missing at this time of year! Well not at Warehouse - the soft draping lapels are flattering, the quarter length sleeves chic and the colour beautiful; what more would you need from a winter cover up?!
Metallic Jacket

Edgy, glamorous and sophisticated - this metallic jacket is classic Warehouse! Pair with your skinny black jeans for a rock edge, over a prom dress for 60's styling or with leather shorts for a look to rival Kate Moss!

Don't forget you can shop all of these items on Tuesday 6th December in the brand new Westfield Stratford store from 5pm! At the fashion fix party you can indulge in the exclusive 25% discount to all the wonderful new Warehouse customers that come through the doors!

Warehouse Westfield Stratford opens 5pm Tuesday 6th December! Come down to get involved in all the special events and offers...

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Warehouse Stratford Store Opening Countdown.....7 days to go...

It is officially 1 week until Warehouse Westfield Stratford City opens the doors to its brand new conceptual  store to all of the fashion savvy East Londoners! But aside from all of the fantastic events that will be going on in store from 5pm on the 6th December, it is the Warehouse product everyone is going to be talking about! And with Christmas just around the corner, it's time to plan ahead ladies and get your Warehouse fashion fix planned so you know what you'll be wearing to all of the glamorous Christmas parties you'll be attending!

My pick of the top Warehouse Christmas dresses are as follows:

Maxi Dress

Turquoise has been everywhere this season and is a chic alternative to the tradition LBD or Christmas red that is currently on the high street. The long maxi dress style has been a key seasonal piece for 2011 and the low back diamond cut out detailing makes for a sexy twist. A dress to truly 'wow' in at your Christmas party...
Leather and Lace Dress
 The Warehouse customer loves a bit of leather and lace and this combination of the two is the perfect dress for the party season! Available in black, you can stick to the monochrome palette or update your outfit with bold accessories in bright colours such as red or electric blue or maybe jewel colours in purple and turquoise, making this dress an investment piece which you can wear for every occasion due to its versatility styling wise. Plus this is a stunning piece and one to go see in store!
Sequin Luxe Dress

The Warehouse Luxe range has been going strong for the last few years, but until now I haven't seen a piece as glamorous as this beauty! Be prepared to dazzle your friends with this sequin and beaded luxurious dress. Team with black opaque tights and metallic heels for a rock and roll edge....

Don't forgot you can take full advantage of the 25% off discount that the new Warehouse Westfield Stratford City will be offering on their open evening on Tuesday 6th December from 5pm! There really is no excuse for you to not feel super stylish this Christmas....

Happy Shopping!

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Warehouse Stratford Store Opening Countdown...8 Days to go...

With just eight short days to go before the fantastic brand new Warehouse Flagship store opens up in Westfield Stratford City, Warehouse fans and curious shoppers alike will be eager to know what beautiful buys will be on offer to them from the 6th of December 5pm and onwards....

My countdown of the Warehouse best fashion picks begins with the ultimate accessory - the Warehouse bag! Right from back when I was at school it was always the trendy and popular girls who had the Warehouse bags and Carly Woodgate, Warehouse Buying Office Manager, agrees: “Warehouse was always a really aspirational brand. Whilst I was growing up, the cooler girls at school were the ones that had the Warehouse branded bags!”

And the bags haven't really changed since then - if anything they are even more of a must have purchase and an area of fashion that Warehouse prides themselves on - I have Warehouse bags from around six years ago that are still going strong - with unbreakable zips and everything!

My top three bags that will be available in the new flagship store open from Tuesday 6th December at 5pm are:

Tote Bag
 Perfect for the office due to its handy A4 sizing yet stylish enough to still be fashion savvy when filing all of your important documents safely. The black base and gold detailing make for a chic yet sophisticated finish.
Tan bowling bag
 A soft to the touch tan bag that is both fashionable and compact with inside zips to store away your important bits and pieces. A classic Warehouse bag that goes with everything!
Sequined bag
Everyone knows that Warehouse loves a bit of embellishment so what better way to indulge in the glamour than through this beautiful sequin bag!

If you're as tempted as I am by this gorgeous arm candy why not take full advantage of the 25% discount at the store's opening evening at the Fashion Fix party extravaganza? You'd be 'zipping' crazy to miss it...!

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

River Island Spring Summer 2012 Press Day....

With atmospheric music blaring out from the juke box, a rainbow of print filled the River Island Press Studio and an infusion of colour ignited the room. With the brand's collections becoming stronger each season (Elle features them, Vogue loves them, never mind the countless celebrities who adore them too...) Spring Summer 2012 is set to accelerate the brand further into the elite high street brand list...

First on the River Island trend radar its all about summer lovin' - I'm sure you're all familiar with the theme tune to Grease! Think pink lady style jumpers, two tone shirt dresses updated in luminous colors, lace tailored jackets and the inevitable bandeau corsets with matching skin tight pants! It's all about swirly floral prints in dusky pinks, blues and purples with illuminating primary colours to give a modern twist. Vintage inspired lace will feature heavily and an ode to the feminine form will take centre stage through cinched in waists and girly 50's style skirts! Summer lovin' really will have you a blast at River Island!

Lightweight sweater jumpers with florals
 will be teamed with denim cut-offs come SS12...

Matching printed two pieces and sugary sweet hues fill the collection...

"Pink Ladies" style jumpers to rival French and Rizzo...

River Island were clearly influenced by Sandy's iconic shirt dress -
the brand update theirs with luminous colours and textured material....

1950's style wouldn't be complete without lots of lace -
 this vintage inspired jacket with quarter length sleeves is elegant and feminine....

Summer wouldn't be summer without clashing prints! After a dreary winter of wearing monochrome colours, the warmer season is a chance for us fashionable folk to get creative and make a statement in bold patterns and River Island's collection really does not disappoint in this department! Hawaiian tropic prints adorn skinny trousers and lightweight blazers, tropical rainbow stripes feature on statement tees and accessorizing with statement jewellery really differentiates a bold look. A clash of acidic colours completes the essence of Hawaiian Tropic.

90's essences in vivid tropical prints feature heavily on key seasonal pieces...

Bright bold block colours are given a tropical touch
 with oodles of statement necklaces....

Look out for colourful rainbow stripes and motifs...

Statement jewellery will be huge - the bigger the better...

Clash primary colour prints - be daring!

Beaded textures, fringe detailing, Hawaiian flowers all in the brightest of
 bold colours will accessorize your hot summer look...
The Navajo trend of AW11 has been transitionalized into a key look for summer too at River Island. Aztec prints are updated to a summer palette consisting of blue hues, primary greens and reds. The 1970's hippy takes pride of inspiration with garments featuring fringed tassels, embroidered paisley details and feathery textures - it's all very Florence Welch meets Isabel Lucas...

Ikat prints and sleeveless tees will make staple festival fashion pieces...

Fringing and knitted bobbles give a hippy inspired twist to a sleeveless shirt...

Fringed ponchos ooze Glasto-Glam -
 you'll be teaming this one with denim cut offs and wellies come summer 2012...

Fringing - check, Ikat pattern - check, embroidered print - check
This blouse tickets all of the SS12 trends thanks to River Island...

Toughen up your Tribal look with embellishment in gold, black and white...

Layer your look with feathery necklaces, beaded jewellery
 and more fringing than you could shimmy to...

A stunning piece of art work - this will have the fashion crowd all in a frenzy come SS12...

So it looks as though River Island have catered to all for the up and coming season - you have your bubble gum, feminine 50's inspired collection, clashing prints and tropical patterns in one and free spirited hippiness in another. Is your Spring/Summer 2012 wardrobe sorted? It should be by now....

All images are my own and taken at the River Island Spring Summer 2012 Press Event