Monday, 28 November 2011

Warehouse Stratford Store Opening Countdown...8 Days to go...

With just eight short days to go before the fantastic brand new Warehouse Flagship store opens up in Westfield Stratford City, Warehouse fans and curious shoppers alike will be eager to know what beautiful buys will be on offer to them from the 6th of December 5pm and onwards....

My countdown of the Warehouse best fashion picks begins with the ultimate accessory - the Warehouse bag! Right from back when I was at school it was always the trendy and popular girls who had the Warehouse bags and Carly Woodgate, Warehouse Buying Office Manager, agrees: “Warehouse was always a really aspirational brand. Whilst I was growing up, the cooler girls at school were the ones that had the Warehouse branded bags!”

And the bags haven't really changed since then - if anything they are even more of a must have purchase and an area of fashion that Warehouse prides themselves on - I have Warehouse bags from around six years ago that are still going strong - with unbreakable zips and everything!

My top three bags that will be available in the new flagship store open from Tuesday 6th December at 5pm are:

Tote Bag
 Perfect for the office due to its handy A4 sizing yet stylish enough to still be fashion savvy when filing all of your important documents safely. The black base and gold detailing make for a chic yet sophisticated finish.
Tan bowling bag
 A soft to the touch tan bag that is both fashionable and compact with inside zips to store away your important bits and pieces. A classic Warehouse bag that goes with everything!
Sequined bag
Everyone knows that Warehouse loves a bit of embellishment so what better way to indulge in the glamour than through this beautiful sequin bag!

If you're as tempted as I am by this gorgeous arm candy why not take full advantage of the 25% discount at the store's opening evening at the Fashion Fix party extravaganza? You'd be 'zipping' crazy to miss it...!

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