Saturday, 27 August 2011

One Day Fashion on Film

If you're anything like me you'll be very excited to go and see the romance film of the year, One Day, starring Anne Hathaway. Whilst sobbing unashamedly into your soggy tissues (I know it won't just be me...) be sure to revel in Anne's character Emma's fashion journey from a geeky teen to a sophisticated adult.

What's fantastic, is that some of her wardrobe choices are from the British High Street! Take a look at this vintage Karen Millen gown which Anne Hathaway looks stunning in as Emma. According to a source, Ebay has been scoured for by bidders in hope of locating this particular dress with film fan's willing to pay an enviable price for it! Do you have it hiding away in your closet?!

The lovely Anne Hathaway playing Emma in One Day wearing a vintage Karen Millen dress

The pale purple has an ethereal decadence and suits Anne's character Emma perfectly in the genre of this scene!

Also in the film, Anne wears a specially made Liberty of London shirt. Unfortunately, the item is not currently available to buy but a couple of similar shirts can be found on the store website. Or why not search your local vintage shops? The patterning on the shirt oozes early 60's style prints!

Anne's character Emma gets biker chic down to a T

I adore all of the lovely Oriental style dresses that make an appearance at this time of the fashion year! Anne Hathaway goes all Japonesque on us in the film in this lovely silk version. I found a similar one in Phase Eight for £98 in the sale! Put your hair up high into a messy bun for added edge.

Looking sultry in a silky oriental number in One Day

Get your hands on this similar dress from Phase Eight, £98

And whoever said nerds aren't cool didn't predict the geek-chic trend for Autumn 2011. Poor Anne Hathaway's character, Emma, is seen as the nerdy college boff - but take away the scraggly hair and unflattering glasses, you have yourself a pretty cool outfit. What do you think of my similar picks from New Look? Geeks are cool, right?!

Emma in One Day is a geeky college nerd - but I actually quiet like her outfit, especially the boots!

Denim jacket New Look £24.99

Floral Dress New Look £34

Boots New Look £29.99
So as everyone frets about Anne Hathaway's Yorkshire accent not been as accurate as it could be (I'm a Yorkshire lass and it doesn't offend me in the slightest - good on her for trying I say!) I'm more bothered about the fashion journey and, of course, the romance. Pass the tissues please!

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