Friday, 12 August 2011

Fashion Looks Into the Past and Looks into the Future...

I remember being eight years old when my mum handed me these hideous, bright yellow, rainbow floral printed leggings. I looked at them aghast - I already sported a thick set fringe for goodness sake, did she want the fashion police to take me away or something?

Then there was the dress-up stage when I was nine, where my mum (yes her again) put together a box of her old clothes for me to play in. I had an obsession with Grease the musical and would wear an electric blue puff ball gown, complete with net underskirt, to do the weekly family shop in at Sainsburys. Looking back I like to say I dabbled with vintage from an early age...

After that was the 'mosher' moment  - you know, the baggy flared jeans with the low slung chains - yes I was the inspiration behind Meadham Kirchhoff this season I'll have you know (!) and I was sporting purple hair way before Jessie J.

As an early teen I went through the tom-boy motions going all out in over sized football shirts, lecoqsportif trainers (the shame) Kappa jumpers (need I go on?!) and faux sovereign rings - OK no more admittances.

Then, like a beacon of hopeful fashion light I was introduced to the high street along with the Topshop shoe range, the Zara tailoring and, of course, the designer collaborations from H&M.

I think I am now truly fashionably equipped after going through many clothing "accidentally on purposes" to sit alongside team Look at their High Street fashion show waving my Warehouse felt fedora in salute. As an ambassador of retail, I now know that they influence the way we wear clothes yet its us who styles them to suit ourselves.

 I promise I have revamped my wardrobe since the floral yellow leggings fiasco swapping them for, err, printed palazzo pants instead! And who said I hadn't learnt from my past fashion mistakes? Maybe I was just very fashion forward? All hail my eight year old self...

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