Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Visual Merchandising with Mary Portas

 mary mary quiet contrary, how is your new shop growing?! quiet wonderfully actually if the shop fit itself is anything to go by! i managed to take a few sneaky photographs of the fab visual aspects of the store! above is a wall full of shelves filled with some gorgeous accessories from the collection! the site is situated at the top of the main esculator and will be sure to catch lots of wandering customers attention! the shelves include shoes which are named after other famous 'mary's' such as antoinette etc - what a quirky idea!

another esculator site is full of funky patterned and boldly coloured tights which suit mary down to a t (ight)! the upside down mannequin is amazing and so attention grabbing! the orange hair screams only one thing - mary! well atleast we all know what she's up to when she isn't advising the retail sector...

the shelving aspect is repeated and full of shoes which aptly go with the tight selection, promoting great add-on sales through strong product merchandising. check out those sexy legs! the range of tights are said to suck you in where's needed making them one of the most flattering selections available on the market.

amongst the vast amount of shoes is another fab mannequin - i think its the "life-like" poses that make mary's mannequin choice so unique and quirky - not to mention those orange wigs!

ok, so those orange wigs - some say its uncanny others say its just plain vain! i however, think its both but used as a clever marketing tool to help drive the fact that it is the queen of shops who is fronting the brand, therefore it should be a trusting method of shopping. go on mary!
the department itself is so much bigger than i expected with each category catered for, from a handbag and accessory collection to shoes and then to your individual autumn themes and stories. make sure you have a nosey at her homeware collection which is quintessentially british and her coffee is flying from the shelves. a specific "mary" blend has been created just for her - check her out with her own shop and coffee! get yourselves down there asap!


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