Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mary Portas Opens Own Brand Shop

Mary with her collection designs
Sophia Evans for The Observer
It’s what the fashion retail world has been waiting for with batwing sleeves rolled up and leather jodhpurs and statement jewellery in their eyes. It’s the Mary range for House of Fraser developed and launched by Mary Portas herself.

This morning, it was unveiled for the first time but rumors have been rife for the last few weeks about what it’s going to be like.

Will there be Mary-esque  mannequins? Complete with that striking ginger crop?

Mary inspired mannequins?

Will there be a private lift from the ground floor of House of Fraser Oxford Street straight up to Mary Land?

Will she have her own range of sex toys, first rumored to be gold plated, then to have her actual head on them? Erm, I’m hoping not to the latter…

Will she go back to her customer service roots and be mucking in on the shop floor?

And the ultimate, will she be there for the first few days going back to her roots and selling through good old fashioned customer service – well she has to practice what she preaches after all!

A photo Mary Portas tweeted in the week - what will the curtain reveal?
Although  I can’t wait to see the shop, the merchandising and the stock, I am hoping I won’t be seeing lots of mini Mary’s walking about my local supermarket on a Saturday afternoon! There’s only one mature lady who can pull off leather jodhpurs and thigh high boots and that’s Mary herself.  
Its open! Mary tweets this photograph on the grand opening day.

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