Thursday, 29 March 2012

Blast away your summer body woes with Yves Rocher...

Doesn't it always seem to be that summer creeps up on us from nowhere and before you know it, middle-aged men are whipping off their football shirts and baring all to us unfortunate girls. But, whilst the guys are quick to strip, it's the ladies who seem to shy away from flashing the fresh. With all of the pressure in the media to look a certain way and portray a certain body image, there's no wonder we fear the sun and become panic-stricken in the wardrobe department! But maybe if we felt good about our bodies, we wouldn't be so quick to try out the latest fad diet. So, throw away the glossy magazines that promise you'll 'lose a stone in 4 weeks' and ditch the cabbage soup ingredients (it does not taste good!) and get body beautiful with Yves Rocher.

It was 50 years ago, in the attic of his family’s home, in La Gacilly, the heart of Brittany, France, that Yves Rocher created Botanical Beauty, based on the treasures of the botanical world and its infinite potential. 50 years of experience that provides unique expertise ensures that today Yves Rocher remains the first to offer Botanical Beauty Care, that is even more powerful and respectful of women and nature.

So before you panic-purchase a pair of running trainers (lets face it, you're only going to wear them once!) why not try out Yves Rocher Slimming Detox; a ten day detox programme set to help slim and redefine your body. The slimming gel contains fat-reducing citrus-coriander complex which encourages the skin to smoothen and become toned. 88% of women agreed and for just £12.50 a bottle (165ml) it's less painful than any physical fitness regime!

As part of the beauty detox, try the Detox Activator Scrub which ensures double the slimming effectiveness when using a combination of both of the products. The dual-action micro peeling exfoliant uses Bamboo slice to purify the skin and boost the slimming process for just £6.90 Still not convinced to keep the cabbage soup at bay? Then tickle your taste buds with the SOS Detox Defiligne (£10.50) ; a solution for your everyday drink with added sweetener. The green tea extract improves the draining of the body through the use of dandelion which enhances the elimination of toxins. Your figure will seem lighter concluding in you feeling good about yourself.

With the summer season potentially in full swing, it's the dreaded 'C' word every girl fears; Cellulite. Whether your slim or curvy, tall or short every woman has it and it's the sight up of the 'orange-peel' effect that has girls covering up, leaving more opportunities for those unsightly tan lines! But we don't want that do we? So why not try the Cellulite Reducer from Yves Rocher where day by day the appearance of the skin is visibly smoother. The use of green coffee beans is combined with Lesser Celandine extract to boost the skin's micro-circulation and andiroba oil to limit fat storage. 76% of ladies who used the Cellulite Reducer, £17.50, reported a positive effect on their cellulite - all hail the sacred product!

So now your well on your way to a summer-beautiful body (and not one cabbage or gym session in sight!) you should take a look at the other lovely products that Yves Rocher has to offer at From firming, cellulite reducing body care to toning, flat abs and anti-stretch mark cream, Yves Rocher puts all its expertise in the development of effective slimming. Their products are respectful of nature, limiting impact on the environment through the use of natural products and vitamins. With nature being at the forefront of Yves Rocher's brand identity, it's time for you to embrace your natural self this summer 2012 and make yourself body beautiful through indulgent beauty regimes as opposed to harrowing gym sessions. Shop online a and say goodbye to cabbage soup forever.

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