Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Restyle and Upcycle with Yasmin Bochi

Do you love a bit of thrifting? Well look no further than online store Etsy for Yasmin Bochi, a designer and art re-styler innovating products of yesteryear and bringing them right back into the 21st century with clever art manipulation techniques. With a bit of a penchant for vintage bags and suitcases myself, the beautiful 'Around the world in 80 stamps' suitcase immediately caught my eye.

This beautiful brown and cream faux leather vintage suitcase is decorated with real vintage postage stamps from around the world (Congo, Pakistan, Austria, Nigeria, Tanzania and Sweden to name a few!) and incorporates old postcards dating back to the early 1900s and 1950s on either side. It's the perfect hold-all for over night trips whilst looking decadently chic with a nostalgic twist.

I'm also coveting the 'Tattoo flower vintage purse' an accessory perfect for a day-time lunch date! The snakeskin base hand painted in shades of green and aqua accentuate the detailing of the rich floral colours. I really like the wood panel detailing on the purse too which make for an unusual design aspect to a unique creation from Yasmin Bochi.

If a picture says a thousand words then this 'Photo booth vanity case' is speaking monologues to me! Complete with historic images of fashion beauties Yasmin has transformed a mid-century case into a must have piece for the upcoming season. The 1920's shape of the bag is very SS12 whilst the obvious time-honoured effect is any vintage magpie's dream. "These images are not decoupaged. They are the result of an image transfer technique which I mastered through a lot of experimenting and patience." says Yasmin. "This is a truly unique piece you will treasure forever!"

Speaking of treasures, how cool is this 'Alice in Wonderland necklace?' The bib-style necklace has been handmade by Yasmin and features a hand-drawn image of the fairytale character surrounded by tiny applique clocks - magical! Grab this piece fast; time is ticking away!

Mixing the past with the present has worked wonders for the brilliant Yasmin Bochi collection on Etsy. You can purchase or shop more from the range online at
http://www.etsy.com/shop/yasminbochi where you will find more restyled bags, upcycled fashion and handmade jewellery. "It's fun and quirky with a touch of elegance," says Yasmin and I couldn't agree more.

All images taken from www.etsy.com/shop/yasminbochi

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