Monday, 26 March 2012

Essex Hunt: The Highstreet Edit

My friends and I have compiled a list for the year ahead of things we have to do in and around London. One of those is to have a proper 'Essex' night out! We know this isn't really a London-type-thing to do, but seeing as we all live so close to the new party capital it would seem rude not to right?! Well, wrong, if you're anything like me: I don't do fake tan, hair extensions, short skirts or dresses, bare legs (hence the need not to have to tan!) and brands such as Lipsy and Rare just aren't in my fashion vocabulary. So what's a girl to do? Take to the British High Street of course!

But first I wanted to get into the mindset of some of my favourite celeb style icons. I started wondering 'What would Florence wear?' 'What would Fearne do?' 'What would Gillian Zinser say?' Now I know what you're probably thinking - all three wouldn't touch the Essex borderline with their unmanicured finger but desperate times call on them to inspire my outfit for the big night out.

Florence Welch:

Body-Con = Essex Check
Studded and sparkly = Essex Check
Edgy = Me Check

Sexy = Essex Check
Short = Essex Check
Black = Me Check

Sparkly = Essex Check
Boho = Me Check
Vintage = Me Check
 Fearne Cotton:
Diamante = Essex Check
Silver Sparkle = Essex Check
Vintage and Classy = Me Check

Vintage inspired design = Me Check
Pink (!) Accessories = Essex Check!
 Gillian Zinser:
Shiny and Gold = Essex Check
Bohemian and Floaty = Me Check

Glitter!! = Essex Check
Beautifully Vintage = Me Check

Sexy and Short = Essex Check
Faux Fur = Essex Check
Just because it's Gillian = Me Check!
 Lydia Rose Bright: The most stylish Essex-goer herself:

BLING = Essex Check
1920's flapper = Me Check

Glitz and Glam = Essex
Kimono style dress = Me Check
So if my going-out style icons can merge their own unique style and still manage to add elements of Essex style (whether they intended to or not!) then I know I can. So, whose got something to offer on the high street?!

Sequin Dress
River Island

Peplum Dress
River Island

Glitter Prom Dress

Vintage Inspired Dress

It doesn't look like the High Street cater for those who want to experience Essex yet stick to their own style element! Seems like you're either Essex or your not - and although I'm clearly not, I'm determined to find something before the weekend. I'll be checking out a few vintage shops in London to find a sequin number that will fit all of my own style and Essex needs!

Until then,

Happy Shopping

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