Sunday, 16 September 2012

Phoebe English Showcases SS13 Collection at London Fashion Week...

So what does one do when they get invited to London Fashion Week to preview a designer collection all ready for Spring Summer 2013? Well they jump at the chance of course! Which is exactly what I did. Due to it being arranged at very short notice, the fret of 'what to wear' and the pre-LFW diet went out the window (thank god!) and instead the excitement of the opportunity took over.

One of the looks from the Phoebe English SS13 show
Being responsible for some of the most exciting design talents of the past, present and future, Vauxhall Fashion Scout played host to Phoebe English's upcoming capsule collection. With sponsorship from leading retailers within the beauty and fashion industry such as Toni and Guy and The Body Shop, what better platform did the new design talent have than at the Freemasons Hall in Central London?

Monochrome was the key colouring throughout the collection
With fashion blogging phenomenon Susie Bubble sitting pretty in the f-row, the show was set to be a promising one; and it didn't disappoint.

Eleven swan-like models glided through the aisles of the historic hall, their slim-line bodies cocooned within rich cotton volumized garments. Inspired by the intimacy of the human body, the models wore pieces that had been spliced together as one, as well as revealing or covering certain aspects of the body such as the hands, the mouth and the back.

Beading decorated the garments whilst studded mouthpieces
were worn by the models
A dark and introvert collection for Spring Summer 2013, geometric shapes where key in a completely monochromatic palette. Phoebe English stated within her design notes about the sense of volume versus surface, drawing reference to the growth and regeneration of life itself. Bell sleeves fell neatly behind t-shirt fronts as well as being rusched back to maintain a structured and constricted essence.

With a focus on design and craftsmanship, English decorated her collection in an understated manner. Bugle and knitted beading's were scattered across the arms and shoulders to enforce the idea of geometric grid structures. A seemingly masculine collection for SS13 yet the use of interlocking fabrics across the chest and back in billowing fabrics gave the designs a feminine nudge.

Making a fashion statement on the f-row, Susie Bubble
preps her camera pre-showtime
With this being just her third collection as an official designer, we are already starting to see an ethos that is shaping the Phoebe English brand; black, white and more black! Her previous collections saw her experimenting with leather and latex and causing a stir when being accused of attempting to 'sell sex' through fashion. Not wanting to give up her reign of controversy just yet, she has continued to use these influences within her SS13 collection through styling her models using metal mouthpieces by jewellery designer Reid Peppard. Their skin was dusted white and portrayed an almost ethereal glow through the use of event sponsors The Body Shop and their brand new skin care range.

When asked how she wants to be seen within the industry, English stated: "I want my label to be known for something that’s reliably and traditionally beautiful, but fresh." Tick. Tick. And tick again. Mission accomplished Phoebe.

All images my own Video footage my own

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