Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What Will You Wear Today, Tonight, Tomorrow?

What was the last fashion magazine you read? Grazia? Company? Vogue? Which page did you spend the longest amount of time on; Style Spy? Street Style? Style Hunter? If you fall into the majority of fashion obsessed stylistas then your answer to the latter is most probably yes. You like to have a nosey at what other fashionable folk are coveting; taking inspiration as you do so. But waiting a week or two or, in some cases, a full month to get your street style fix can sometimes be a drag. So introducing a new social networking site entitled What I Wore Today, founded by fashion blogger Poppy Dinsey, will ensure all your style prayers have been answered...

Poppy, founder of What I Wore Today looking crazily cool as usual on the site!

Forget flicking through the pages of a magazine, get clicking instead through thousands of stylistic images posted personally by style savvy individuals. And it is so easy and simple to get involved in yourself:Simply upload a snap of your outfit each day to the online community - which is a friendly, non bitchy and fashion focused crowd - and wait for the feedback and admiration to come flooding in! You can browse and rate other people's outfits, and looks can be tagged with brands, moods, situations and locations - meaning you can see how people wear your favourite brands, or find people local to you.

The_Style_PA uploads her vintage-inspired look on the networking site

Launching 15th September just in time for London Fashion Week, benefits fashion bloggers through promoting themselves and their blogs and also benefits retailers too as posted outfit snaps can be tagged into brand trends and then onwards to allow networkers to buy the garments from the relevent retailers - now that's fashion savvy, eh?!

Amelia shows us how her summer maxi skirt takes her through to autumn
with a structured shirt on the site

Poppy Dinsey, founder of WIWT (What I Wore Today) says “I started the blog as a bit of a personal challenge to make me wear more of the clothes I already owned, but within a few weeks of my first post I was being sent pictures of other people’s outfits and they were asking to be featured on the site. It wouldn’t have made sense to have the odd guest post, but I quickly realised there was a demand for other people to be able to join in the fun. The idea for the social network was born and now it’s finally ready to show the world.”

And if the style snaps, blog promotion and retailer advertisement doesn't convince you - why not try the free iphone app which allows you to download photos straight from your phone to the networking site - there really is no excuse to not get involved!

Let's encourage stylish guys like dpw83 to get involved too!

So whether you're a budding fashionista, a wannabe stylist, a fashion blogger or just plain nosey - get connecting on Poppy concludes the reason to get involved in the site perfectly:  "Everyone loves to people watch in the street but you don’t always have the confidence to ask strangers “where did you get that?” - I really think that WIWT can change the way we shop online and look for style inspiration.” So next time you see that stylish lady strutting her stuff in Leeds or jumping off the tube in London - take a look on WIWT, because I bet your bell bottom jeans that she'll be on there - so why aren't you?

All images taken from and have been uploaded by the inviduals
Quotes from Poppy Dinsey taken from the WIWT press release

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