Monday, 12 September 2011

Mary Gets Sexy

Is Mary going to get sexy in the near future??!

Who knew that Mary Portas opening her own shop would be such a retail success? Er, well, everyone actually. She is the "retail guru" afterall with her recognisable shocking orange hair, her straight talking assertiveness and her dry wit. But was it wit that made her tweet this earlier on in the week:

"Doing research for my show. Would love response to this question. Would you buy a sex toy/ vibrator from my shop? Beautiful ones I must add"

Random? Yes. Truthful? Possibly. I reported a few blog posts back that rumours where in fact rife in the retail world that she was planning on designing her own sex toy range on this page here . But after seeing this tweet, it seems she is still pretty keen on the idea of becoming the next Ann Summers.

Will Mary bare all as an advertising aid for her new venture?
She promises they will be beautiful - so I'm intrigued about how she will make a sex toy look beautiful! This coming from the lady who has had several mannequins made for her shop that look like her with the same body shape and flame-bright hair - I wouldn't be suprised if she puts herself on her sexy new idea!

But with all the sizing issues that have been brought up in regards to the fittings on her first clothing collection - surely she wouldn't dare get this aspect wrong if she were to venture down the sex toy route....ahem...Time will only tell where the retail guru will end up next.

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