Thursday, 15 September 2011

Shivani Chavda "In My Wildest Dreams"

Once upon a dream world, an aspiring fashion designer, Shivani Chavda, envisioned exotic animals and surreal art merging together to create a fashion collection that both celebrated the feminine form, yet took a walk on the wild side by experimenting with animalistic prints with a mythodical essence.

Conceptualizing mystical motifs on luxurious flowing fabrics was the initiality and collaborating with leading high street retailer Warehouse was just the start. Shivani created her fantasy "In My Wildest Dreams" in a reverie of water colour, absorbing vivd purples with bright oranges and oceanic blues to produce unusually beautiful items with a Warehouse edge.

An artists pallette of mixed primary colours shows off Shivani's creativity within this silk chiffon maxi skirt:
Top £55
Skirt £140

On trend for autumn/winter11 the side split skirt and deep cut front celebrates female sexuality whilst the fierce print injects a rawness rarely seen on the current high street:

Dress £160

Essences of the luxuriant ocean are reflected in the billowing maxi dress and waves of loose chiffon:

Dress £180
Necklace £50

Clash of the wild exudes ferociousness in a dream like world:

Top £65
Trousers £90

Now in its third year, Warehouse has worked in conjunction with the British Fashion Council's Colleges Council to mentor the fashion design competition winner on a sixth month placement with the brand, where this year's winner Shivani has followed the full journey of her collection from developing the initial design process, through to production, campaign creation and marketing launch.

The result is mesmerizingly beautiful and I predict that Shivani Chavda's wildest dreams really have come true...

All images from the Warehouse Press Team
The Shivani Chavda collection is currently being sold exclusively in selected Warehouse stores and online at

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