Saturday, 10 September 2011

French Connection Trends on Twitter

The next high street store to be made a trending topic thanks to Twitter is French Connection. The brand hit the top after the airing of their new Autumn/Winter 2011 advertisement "I am the Suit" during the Xfactor commercial ad break.

Featuring a catchy tune from Chris Brown entitled Look At Me Now and guest starring Michael from The Teenagers, the commercial is as ever strange and intriguing as the advertisements for the Spring/Summer brand collection.

The starting scene reminds me of the Selfridges Alexander McQueen
 window display they were widely criticized for

My interpretation is French Connection is a brand that fits into the customers every day life style from the location you are in within the first few scenes, to the movements you make in the next and the detailing you require to make those clothes wearable ie the shirt buttons, the flowing skirt and the pockets in the suit jacket.

Are French Connection the key to this season's AW11 trends?

The collection is sexy and sophisticated...

As for the panda I am still making my mind up about that connotation! I love the sneaky references to gold meaning rich and luxurious clothing from the brand and the sexual connotations of the body parts that are referenced during the advertisement.

Any ideas what the Panda represents?

Again, French Connection are catching the imagination of the public and what a fantastic PR and marketing opportunity for them to be trending on the number one social site Twitter.

Check out the advertisement here

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