Thursday, 22 September 2011

Is Westfield Stratford going for gold?

And there off - thousands of runners racing one another to the finishing line. Clad in sturdy stilletos, fierce kitten heels or sensible flats; but this is no Olympic sport - instead it is the female-friendly sport that we all know and love; it's about shopping!

Westfield Stratford opened it's doors all in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics with a massive bang last week including a performance from Nicole Scherzinger as thousands of shoppers queued to get their first purchases from their favourite high street brands from Forever 21 through to Primark. As shoppers easily frittered away a mere £20million in the first week of the mega-mall being open, I'm left wondering (like many others) whether Westfield Stratford will be affected by the 'recession' at all?

The odds are against my theory at the moment, with the centre taking £4million in its first day last Tuesday and repeating similar success in its following days. Westfield was filled to capacity at the weekend with security guards only letting people in when others came out!

Westfield has already given the unemployed around 2,000 job opportunities and the area of Stratford is hoping it will attract tourists and shoppers to other parts of the city too to explore the vintage boutiques, the food market and other historic sites to increase tourism and, above all, money for the area.

With the Olympics now less than a year away, the city will hopefully go from strength to strength with Christmas just around the corner and many eager shoppers already planning trips from outside of London to especially visit the new shopping phenomenom. And I for one am eager to see the new retail emporium! So that must mean the press attraction around the centre is working - and all us girls (and some guys!) know, once we're tempted into the forbidden territory that is retail, there is only one thing left to do: SHOP!

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