Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ethereal Autumn Windows at Harvey Nichols

Everytime I visit Leeds, I make a beeline for Harvey Nichols just to window shop - quiet literally!

Their windows are a work of art and an inspiration to any Visual Merchandiser. The Autumnal windows did not dissapoint with a spooky ethereal feel making for a picturesque fall.

 The green branches are a green vinyl that has been placed on the glass to mirror the use of the black branches inside giving a 3D effect.
The mannequins have been dressed and styled in lovely warm autumnal colours such as maroon, camel and grey. The layering of knitwear and mixing of textures on the left is very clever.

 The best dressers always see a mannequin as functional - maybe allowing her to hold her dress in one hand or be pulling back her jacket with another. With the below mannequin I would have put her in some maroon tights and had her holding her skirt to show this.
If you look closely enough, the mannequins have fabulous long lashes and smokey eye shadow on and bits of diamante- a truly magical look!
 My favourite window of the two, its wonderful how these mannequins are more posable by leaning on the branches and even sitting high upon them! Again, a mixture of textures from fur to silk have been used and the vividenss of the orange hair sets them out from the Autumn back drop.

Even the window vinyl of the store directory has a font that fits with the ethereal and mystical setting of the windows - deffinately a favourite of mine from Harvey Nichols so far!

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