Sunday, 10 July 2011

Even the Professionals Get It Wrong Sometimes

As a complete magazine junkie (I have been known to buy at the very least sixteen magazines a month!) I scour the fashion pages, pulling out anything that inspires me, except in my favourite glossy monthlys which I treasure on a book (or now magazine) shelf because I am a bit of a hoarder!

However, these magazines give me the confidence that just because the stylists or fashion "experts" work on these bibles, doesn't necessarily mean they are the best in their field. For I have seen many a stylistic photo shoot were appalling outfit choices have been made; remember when Grazia forced you to buy those MC sorry I mean hareem pants or when Now magazine persuaded you that Kerry Katona's cropped denim jeans were the "hot" look of the week.

Flicking through one particular monthly magazine today, I came across the below image. Not only is the maxi dress hideous and surely they will have had something better to pick from, I am more concerned about the outdated ugly gladiator sandals and misplaced hair flower. It seems to me like a half hearted attempt and as though the stylist didn't know what in gods name she was doing!

In my opinion, ditch the tacky gold accessories and opt for bright tropical colours as seen in the print of the dress. Ditch the pale hair flower for an oversized floppy hat in another bright colour.

In magazines I love seeing what all the 'professionals' are wearing cos I'm such a nosey parker. But in the same magazine, I was shocked to see this twenty eight year old fashion buyer picking out her Ibiza looks. Not only were all the looks a tad dull, but the images I have picked out showed her wearing really childish motif t shirts - so tacky! If a celeb was spotted in them, they would be quickly delegated to the "shame" fashion section. I think they meant to put eight years old not twenty eight!

 I hate motif t shirts with a passion! And these two are awful. I think the fashion buyer needs to reassess her own wardrobe before she starts influencing ours, don't you agree?

So from one untrendy fashion professional to another sporting wet-look leggings - the worst creation since  jeggings and hareems came about! The Fashion Director encourages us to team ours with a "simple tee" - aargh leggins and t shirts are so unflattering; keep the butt covered at all times, even Kate Moss can't pull this one off!

I know fashion has an each to their own attitude but it really grates on me when the "experts" give awful advice. So trust your own instincts and have the confidence in knowing that even the experts get it wrong sometimes!

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