Saturday, 30 July 2011

How Does H&M do it?

So H&M have done it again, announcing another celeb collaboration earlier this week. Brand Beckham is in full swing as David follows in the kitten heel steps of his wife Victoria and branches out into the fashion world.

But what is it that makes H&M so appealing to the A-list? We have seen the high street chain collaborate with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld who was the first high end designer to work with the brand and then quickly following suit were Stella McCartney, Jimmy Choo and most recently Lanvin.

Press releases this week also confirmed the brand will be working creative director Donatella Versace with the range featuring inspiration from her iconic luxurious leather pieces.

But why H&M? The brand has been developed intricately, with television advertisements, city centre billboard posters, press releases and a consistent amount of products featuring in the top fashion magazines.

However, in my opinion, the store itself still needs alot of work with its messy product merchandising, boring window displays often miserable staff in my experience. Touching on the staffing issues, H&M hit the news again this week and not for the right reasons.
 Staff within the store's New York branches have joined a Labour Union.

Any brand can pull in high end endorsements and collaborations but if the store's themselves aren't shoppable or don't promote a positive atmosphere, they will be without customers and staff. And without those, retail cannot commence forward.

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