Monday, 18 July 2011

Using Social Media to Great Effect

The high street twitter world is a buzz these last few weeks as popular brand Warehouse takes over with their committed social media interaction.

The week started with them being in the top 100 follow Friday charts alongside the likes of popular celebrities such as  Victoria Beckham and competitor brand Topshop.

Next, customers and major fans of Warehouse have been selected over the last week to win special "Warestyle Treats". From the poorly to the needy, from the number one fans to the newbies everyone has been getting in on the action!

The gifts have been fabulous ranging from hi-tech cameras and ipods,  manicure and pampering kits and (the best prizes in my opinion) Warehouse vouchers and specially selected items from their Autumn range.

laurenemma_ an avid follower of the brand recently tweeted "deffo think a few companies could learn a few things from @warestyle, they've got people talking with their amazing good deeds!"    

So how do they keep the social media world buzzing about their brand?

The lovely team behind the Warehouse twitter (@Warestyle) update their tweets on a regular basis, delivering the hottest and most up to date brand information and behind the scenes action; even on a weekend!
Their facebook page is full of brand-loving customers and fans all chatting about the new products and their recent gorgeous purchases!

The Warehouse customer feels involved within the development of the brand and through twitter and facebook feel that they are being rewarded for their loyalty. And not only does a Wareshopper love freebies, they love the interaction the brand has with them. Warehouse is renowned for offering a personal service within teir stores and now they are offering one outside of them too!

So lets keep the tweet world and facebook planet a buzz about Warehouse and you never know, a Warestyle treat may be rewarded to you soon!

(Follow Warehouse on twitter @Warestyle
 Shout about their treats via #WareStyleTreats
 Facebook them through WAREHOUSE )

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