Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wear It, Work It, Warehouse It....

If your New Year's Resolution was to give yourself an image overhaul then the chances are the diets failed and the exercise regime started off in good measure but has dissolved into a pit of nothingness. Transforming yourself doesn't have to be so difficult and surely it should start with a girl's most important attribute - her sense of style.

So before you complain for the fourth time this week to your work colleagues that all you have for lunch is carrot sticks and hummus (McDonald's cravings anyone?!) maybe you should take a look at the Warehouse office wear collection?

Proving its what you wear and not what you eat that makes you ooze confidence (and with us spending the majority of our time in a work uniform anyway) it makes much more sense to invest in flattering, feminine and sophisticated work wear. Yes you read the latter correctly; this season Warehouse will show you how to totally glamorise your office look and keep it in check with the beautiful and ultra feminine trend we have seen coming through from the designer catwalks...

So get yourself all inspired by the Warehouse press images and then hit the store to shop the capsule collection.... 

The ankle biter trouser teamed with a luxe blazer and
soft textured blouse - it's a simple look that oozes sophistication...

Think 1950's prim and team your pencil skirt
with a sleeveless shirt - combine textures
such as jacquard and silk to add an interesting twist...

The Pussy Bow Blouse - every girl should own this staple work wear piece!

The Pencil Skirt - glamorous and professional use it as your
base to update your office look.

The Shirt - short sleeved for the new season with a dusky pink panel
detail - too girly for you? Tuck into tailored trousers for a more masculine streak...

The Lightweight Knit - a cosy cover up for the commute to work, the gold back buttons
add an interesting surprise detail when your back is turned....

The Tailored Trouser - the wide leg offers a flattering, figure skimming

The Blouse - lace will be big this season so invest in this
lace floral blouse with a cute peter pan collar...

The Jacket - pintucked shoulders and a nipped in waist; super flattering
it's all about accentuating those killer curves...

Channel in on that softly muted palette of cream and blush pink then give it a professional edge with smudge grey tailoring. It's Givenchy minimalism and 1950's Dior meets Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Gisele. It's classic Warehouse converting the modern day fashion trends into a wearable, affordable and inspirational collection especially for you; the customer.

Continue into 2012 with an office wear look courtesy of Warehouse and I can assure you that your lunch time menu will be a conversation of the past - your colleagues will want to know what you're wearing not what you're eating....

Happy Shopping

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Style Crush: Gillian Zinser...

Check out this girl's style - LOVE IT! Totally boho meets indie rocker meets that annoying I-just-threw-this-on-for-good-measure - damn her! Well, I won't damn her too much because I want to perve over her fashion and style over the next few months - can't wait to see her summer festival wardrobe! In the mean time, here are some of my fave outfits of hers so far....don't get too style envied now....

Leopard print hareems and a battered denim tee?
Few and far between could pull this quirky look off...but I love it on Gillian!

 ♥  this - that is all....

Vintage - check. Boho - check.
What's not to love?

Adore the little checked shirt
tucked into a maxi skirt, very cool....

As well as an awesome photo, I want this tee and denim combo
in my life! Swooonn....
Happy Style Shopping

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Want Candy.........Coloured Jeans That Is!

If you hadn't already heard (or seen) pastels are in  and if  you're not sporting the candy coloured dream then you're officially out...

But from one pasty girl (that's me by the way..) to another (that could be you..) how on earth are we meant to carry off these unnatural colour palettes? I say unnatural as when has it become so sickly sweet to become so, well, cute... In a world where cute doesn't really enter my own fashion vocabulary, I sought out how to wear this season's trends in an individual yet quirky way. And Fearne Cotton is my answer.

Her "throw- it -on- like- I -don't -give- a- damn" attitude makes me sick and that isn't because of the lemon sorbet inspired jeans she has been spotted wearing of late. No, it's her ability to look effortless and care free at all times whilst still manging to look uber cool and extremely fashion forward. So trust Fearne ( a pale and pasty like ourselves!) to mix the ultra feminine pastel trend with what she does best - pure grunge!

Pale pink with a leopard print edge...

Lemon and a grunge-look tee....

Keeping minty fresh with a black tee...

Mixing your sickly sweet jeans with a rock tee is how we must fashionably roll into the new season ladies. So come pay day, I'm heading to River Island where I can pick up my pastel jeans from just £30 and come away with some graphic tees to wear with them. Make sure you head to the men's section for a better collection of Fearne inspired tshirts!

Lemon Sorbet
River Island

Slogan Tee
River Island Menswear

Minty Fresh
River Island

Slogan Tee
River Island Menswear

Candy Cane
River Island

Slogan Tee
River Island Menswear

Happy New Season Shopping

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mad Elizabeth's Mad Vintage Pieces....

Ah vintage clothing and the North - two of my favourite things...Mad Elizabeth Vintage sits within a quirky little shop inside the amazing Corn Exchange in Leeds City Centre. A treasure trove of vintage finds from decadent dresses, jazz-era jumpers and quirky trinkets, the Yorkshire-based store boasts quality vintage at affordable prices. And with an online boutique on ASOS, Mad Elizabeth clearly isn't too mad when it comes to knowing her fashion and what us vintage magpies love...

Is it just me or has the weather come over extra cold all of a sudden? Keep the chills at bay with this lovely vintage jumper with decadent embroided detailing. I love the kitsch feel of the powder blue....

With nautical being a huge trend on the high street right now, why not sail back to the nautical of yesteryear with this oversized stripe jumper? The gold rope inspired embroidery adds an interesting twist to this vintage find...

 Aran knit jumpers are a massive vintage trend, heavily influenced by the likes of Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldoff who often sport the classic jumper with denim cut offs and brogues...

Channel your inner femininity early before the upcoming trend floods the high street. Sweet, innocent and candy in colour - c'est chic...

Happy Vintage Shopping

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Upper Level
Call Lane

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ahoy there new season finds....

Every year in high street fashion,  retailers seemingly come to the conclusion that it is too early to pounce high summer products on us poor customers yet it is now getting old seeing the old winter collections. Thus, nautical sails us along, drops in at the harbour to pick us folks up and then sails off into the new season with summer evenings on the horizon...

Conversational prints are gracing the pages of all the weekly fashion mags right now who boast its the only way to update your current winter look. Que cute anchors and sail making shapes and you have nautical in a nutshell....

Yacht Club Tee
Forever 21

Anchor Print Jumpsuit

Anchor Motif Jumper

Striped Trouser
River Island

Nautical Shoe

Nautical Pendant
Forever 21

Anchor Print Purse
River Island

Happy Boat-Shopping

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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Birdy Performs at Brick Lane Market....♥

Venturing down Brick Lane market earlier today with my mum, I noticed a young girl sat at an antique piano with an artist touching up her make-up and cameras surrounding her. It wasn't until my mum said that it looked like the singer Birdy that I realised that it actually was her!

Birdy is my favourite singer of the moment - her voice is absolutely stunning! At 15 years of age, she has come out of the underground music scene as a talent to watch out for. Seeing her perform on Brick Lane to a tiny gathered crowd has been my favourite London moment so far! You wouldn't get a moment as unique as this anywhere else.... I managed to grab a few snaps on my phone of the lovely Birdy as she performed:

A view from inside the antique warehouse...

Birdy performing 'Skinny Love'

Birdy after her make-up touch up...

Performing '1901'

She performed outside of an antique furniture warehouse, midway down Brick Lane. My mum and I managed to get inside the Warehouse as the crowds gathered so we had the perfect view of her. When she had finished, I even managed to say to her "You have a beautiful singing voice..." just as I was passing her. Her gracious reply of "thank you so very much" made me love her even more....a truly wonderful day!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Moska has the British Stamp of Approval....

When it comes to dressing for the season, we immediately take our personal appearance into consideration and run out to the highstreet in desperation to have the latest piece from Topshop or the newest shoes from Office. But does that mean we should side line a place we spend a considerable amount of time at? A place that wouldn't be called home without being, well, homely?

Step aside fast-fashion homeware pieces from the likes of Primark (I know you don't all really like to have the exact same bed spread as your best friend...) and wave goodbye to the mundanity of high street department store homeware collections. For 2012 is the year to rally together support for all of the upcoming British designers that are doing us Brit's proud in the art stakes and turning your home from so 2011 to very Handmade Britain 2012....

Moska is championing designer talent from graduates through to crafting professionals, giving them a platform to meet one of the most outright necessities in customers needs today: to provide quality products with that quirky and creative difference. And there is no better place to source products like this than from emerging designer talent, especially from Britain where the current trend is about recycling the old and turning it into something brand spanking new. So whether you're into vintage revival, recovering retroism or making a statement with clean cut and simple designs; be assured your home will be instantly updated with a unique piece from

Below are a few of my personal favourite products available from the site:

Vintage style sign

This handmade sign by Harriet Beeby is just the quirky and vintage inspired decoration I like to have in my own home. Cut, sanded and expertly painted by the designer, the piece is then distressed for that decadent feel. This "Fluff and Fold Service" sign has influences of yesteryear with the 25$ lettering - making it a quirky decoration for your home...I'll be hanging mine above my washing machine!

Love Birds Cushion
Want to be all loved up in 2012? Well who needs that when you can get that warm fuzzy feeling at home with this 'Love Birds' cushion in lime and purple. The bird print is going to be huge this season in fashion alone, so why not inject some on trend style into your home with this cushion and instantly update your living room or bedroom? Digitally printed in the UK, a matching lampshade is also available - twit-twoo....

Wish List Canvas

My favourite pick from the site has to be the personalised 'Wish List' canvas. A perfect reminder
for those new years resolutions that you instantly forget come mid January, this item can be created specifically for your own dreams and ambitions for 2012 or life in general. This is such a cool idea and would even make an unusual gift for a wedding or house warming present. ♥ it.

Feeling inspired to update your home with that British stamp? Shop online at - I'll race you to the checkout....

Happy Shopping

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Date Wear: Ice Skating

What better way to start the new year than to go on a first date. All in the cause of getting myself back out there on the dating market (jeeze I sound like a right divorcee - I am not, by the way!) I found myself in a rather peculiar situation of going ice skating. With visions of Bambi on the ice, I began to panic with what one should wear on such a date. You can't go all out to impress when there's a 98% chance you're going to spend most of the time on your backside so I turned to my faithful jeans for support.

Topshop proudly define themselves on their extensive jean collection. Tall or short, slim or curvy, there are so many different styles, colours and fits to suit all! I went for the denim skinnies, which became a godsend when it came to having to tuck them into the old ice skates - phew!

Skinny Jeans

I teamed denim with this rather lovely shirt from River Island. With gorgeous swaying fabric, I could still feel ultra feminine due to the pretty floral print and dusky colours that ooze the girly anecdote that's going to be huge this season.

River Island

The ice skating date wouldn't be complete without a much needed coat as a snug cover up. I adore the colour of this Warehouse boyfriend coat! Casual enough for the occasion, yet fashionable enough to suit my style needs - perfect.


These days I am swearing by the good old wedge. So much comfier than a heel as the wedge gives your foot the full support it needs. Tottering to the date location in these from New Look, my feet were comfortable and looked fab plus they really did prepare me for the towering ice skates!

New Look

After spending not too many occasions on the bottom of my Topshop jeans, the outfit was a skating success! Plus I now have a second date - thank you high street! I'll now be turning to you during my next date dilemma!

Happy Shopping

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Monday, 9 January 2012

I want to quit the Three Network!!


So it's that time again when I like to use my blog to air my rantings over good old fashioned customer service - or lack of it. This morning, I had the absolute pleasure of talking to the "customer service" team at Three network. With an array of what felt like bullying tactics, it took me 25 minutes just to cancel my broadband internet account with them.

After going through the whole "Press 1 for this option....."Press 4 for this option..." fiasco, I finally got to speak to a representative. The conversation went along the lines of this:

Customer Representative (CR) : Hello, please can I take your customer reference number?
Myself: Yes, it is 07***********
CR: Thank you. How may I help you today?
Myself: I would like to cancel my broadband account as I now have free unlimited Wifi access where I live
CR: Hello?
Myself: Hello? I would like to cancel my broadband account as I now have free unlimited Wifi access where I live
CR: I'm afraid I cannot hear you madam << (then how do you know whether I am speaking or not?)
Myself: Hello? Can you hear me?
*Phone goes dead*

Take two of going through the whole "Press 1 for this option....."Press 4 for this option..." fiasco, I finally got to speak to another representative. The conversation went along the lines of this:

Customer Representative (CR) : Hello, please can I take your customer reference number?
Myself: Yes, it is 07***********
CR: Thank you. How may I help you today?
Myself: I would like to cancel my broadband account as I now have free unlimited Wifi access where I live
CR: Ok. Can I ask why this is free?
Myself: It is provided to me by my landlord
CR: So it isn't really free?
Myself: Well it is for myself yes.
CR: But is it part of your rent?
Myself: Yes I suppose it is...
CR: So it isn't free? Can I ask how many people live in the accommodation?
Myself: There are 5 of us
CR: According to our records you continued to use the full 5GB every month so would you like me to increase your GB contract?
Myself: No thank you, I just want to cancel it...
CR: Do you use your internet for social, work or both? Is it a laptop?
Myself: Both really and yes I have a laptop but...
CR: if you wanted to travel around with your laptop you would no longer have internet access?
Myself: I don't travel around with my laptop...
CR:...but if you did?
Myself: But I don't....
CR: Ok well what if the Wifi failed within your accommodation, you could use your Three contract as a back up
Myself: I don't really think that will happen, there is 5 of us living here who all require the unlimited Wifi and there has never been an issue up to now
CR: But what if the usage is met and the Wifi is cut off?
Myself: The usage provided is unlimited
CR: What if I provided you with 15 GB contract, that would be your own personal allowance still for the same charge of £15.99 a month?
Myself: I have unlimited Wifi provided by my landlord so I don't need my own contract...
CR: But for the same price you are currently paying of £15.99 a month, I can upgrade you from 5GB to 15GB that you can use anywhere and at anytime
Myself: I do not want to pay £15.99 a month for no reason when I have free unlimited Wifi already provided
CR: But it isn't free, is it? <<< (Let's not start this one again!)
Myself: I just want to cancel my account please - whether I use the provided Wifi or not, my rent remains the same price so I wouldn't be benefiting from using the Three contract. I just want to cancel my direct debit with you.
CR: Are you sure? I can look into the other offers we can provide for you? It will only take a moment...
Myself: No thank you. I just want to cancel my account.
CR: Ok. Please bear with me.

*Que a few minutes of cheesey pop music....*

CR: Miss?
Myself: Yes
CR: Thank you for waiting. Did you know that Three can now provide you with an iphone and laptop as part of your Three contract? That means you could carry on your payment with us by increasing it to £24.99 a month with 15GB plus iphone and laptop facilities? <<< (£24.99?! I want to quit not sign up to pay more money!)
Myself: No thank you. I just want to cancel my contract.
CR: But the items would be free, plus you would still have your own personal internet allowance via your broadband account.
Myself: Look (<< now I'm getting a tad impatient!) I don't want to pay more for something that is provided to me by my landlord for free. I don't want a laptop as I already have one. And I'm more of a Blackberry girl than an iphone girl. I just want to cancel my account right here right now please!
CR: Ok.

And so, at long last, I got to cancel my account! Fair enough company's have to attempt to flog leaving customers a better deal so they don't lose them, but using snappy and borderline bullying tactics to do so?

Also, if someone is so determined to leave and has a valid reason to (I have FREE unlimited Wifi, why would I a) want to pay for something I'm not using or b) pay even more money for something I still won't use?) company's should accept a customer's decision and let them. After all, the more angry you make them, the more likely they are going to write an annoyed blog post detailing the full extent of the irritating conversation and proceed to tell everyone how flipping rubbish the customer service is (bad attitude, argumentative tones - what happened to the customer is ALWAYS right, mantra?)

Have you had any bad (or maybe good!) customer service lately?

Happy Shopping (hopefully!)

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

3 Trends, 3 Retailers, 300 Wish Lists...

In fashion, we all have the "what's next" attitude. We want the future now. We want what's going to be hot (or cool, should I say?) for Autumn/Winter 2012 already. Ok, maybe that is a tad over board on the whole 'fashion forward' front. But even I was shocked to see that Topshop and River Island are already plugging their bikini's online. "Swimming costumes in January?" I hear you cry; that's what I thought too. After all, we have all just nicely dug out our winter coats and started wrapping up on the morning commute to work (Global Warming alert, anyone?).

But now that Christmas has been and gone, we all have to admit that we drift off into a little day dream now and again of what summer will actually feel like; we all do a little internet shopping during our lunch break (ahem..!) picking and choosing between the best of the high street lookbooks. But what and who is really going to be massively on trend this summer (yes THIS summer, not next summer you eager people!) So with three trends in mind, I took to the online shops to see which high street retailer was getting a fashionable gold medal for the upcoming season (like I'd actually venture outside in this weather, brrrr!)

Ah trust River Island to feed our feastable eyes on delectable prints and patterns for Spring 2012. I am in love with the tropical print trousers - funky or what, eh? When it comes to styling, you can't go wrong with a bit of print clashing, especially in Summer when it can be difficult to accessorise outfits due to the unbearable heat (well, maybe if you venture abroad, not so much in England...). Inspired by the likes of Peter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou who clashed prints like there was no tomorrow on their SS12 catwalks, River Island dabble in colour to bring their collection to life. Fashion glossies are going to love styling shoots with this product, fashionistas are going to love making a statement with the River Island bold prints and customers will probably wander around their stores thinking "Dare I? Dare I?!" Well, dare away - the River Island tropical print is going to be huge!!

As I write this, I have good old Olivia Newton John's 'Lets get physical' whirring around in my head. But don't worry girls, we don't actually have to get up and exercise - oh no! Thanks to the Olympics coming to London this 2012, fashion has been inspired by all things sporty. Forget, Puma, Donnay and Kappa (does that brand even exist anymore?!) this trend is all about Miss Selfridge. Think industrial zips embellishing low slung bottoms, colour block body con dresses to show off that stunning figure and not forgetting the bowler bag to accessorise any sport-inspired look. It's football without the running, rugby without the catching and tennis without the serving -- LOVE.

Summer would not be Summer without ultra feminine frills and florals. And trust Topshop to go all out on the trend just as the new year begins. I need the vintage rose tank top in my life (but maybe after a few more stomach crunches...) and the little lace knit jumper has my name on it! Be inspired by 50' s styling in a lace sundress complete with net underskirt. Pair a lightweight knit with applique detail shorts and mix up feminine textures such as silk and chiffon for all over luxe. It's sugar meets spice in a girly anecdote for SS12....

Happy Shopping

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