Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ahoy there new season finds....

Every year in high street fashion,  retailers seemingly come to the conclusion that it is too early to pounce high summer products on us poor customers yet it is now getting old seeing the old winter collections. Thus, nautical sails us along, drops in at the harbour to pick us folks up and then sails off into the new season with summer evenings on the horizon...

Conversational prints are gracing the pages of all the weekly fashion mags right now who boast its the only way to update your current winter look. Que cute anchors and sail making shapes and you have nautical in a nutshell....

Yacht Club Tee
Forever 21

Anchor Print Jumpsuit

Anchor Motif Jumper

Striped Trouser
River Island

Nautical Shoe

Nautical Pendant
Forever 21

Anchor Print Purse
River Island

Happy Boat-Shopping

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