Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Life, New Resolutions....

First up a very Happy New Year to all of you, the lovely readers of my blog! I am sure, like me, after filling your face with all things naughty, lazing around the house and outwearing your novelty Crimbo jumper, you are all ready for a life over-haul; and that's where the dreaded "Resolutions" come in....

Whilst many people choose to follow fad diets, attempt to work out to a z-list celebrity fitness video or two or vow to live life to the full each and every day, I have decided this year to just have one resolution: to not make any at all....

As soon as you brand a New Year's goal as the 'R' word it immediately becomes unachievable. You get the constant pressure from people asking whether you have broken it yet or whether your goal is objectable enough for you to obtain; thus battering your confidence and making you give up before you have even started.

So no, this year is the year of the non-resolution. Instead, I am opting to create a new way of life. After my move to the big city at the end of last year (how strange that yesterday is now deemed as 'last year'!) it is time for me to embrace my new setting and start doing what I set out to do when I moved here: be creative and get inspired! Most of them you will hopefully see on my blog; more photographs, more regular and topic varied posts. Others are more personal..

So as I sit here finishing the last of my Christmas chocolates off (hey, the diet will start tomorrow!) I think about what 2012 will bring for me; what do you hope it will bring for you?

Happy New Year

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