Sunday, 15 January 2012

Birdy Performs at Brick Lane Market....♥

Venturing down Brick Lane market earlier today with my mum, I noticed a young girl sat at an antique piano with an artist touching up her make-up and cameras surrounding her. It wasn't until my mum said that it looked like the singer Birdy that I realised that it actually was her!

Birdy is my favourite singer of the moment - her voice is absolutely stunning! At 15 years of age, she has come out of the underground music scene as a talent to watch out for. Seeing her perform on Brick Lane to a tiny gathered crowd has been my favourite London moment so far! You wouldn't get a moment as unique as this anywhere else.... I managed to grab a few snaps on my phone of the lovely Birdy as she performed:

A view from inside the antique warehouse...

Birdy performing 'Skinny Love'

Birdy after her make-up touch up...

Performing '1901'

She performed outside of an antique furniture warehouse, midway down Brick Lane. My mum and I managed to get inside the Warehouse as the crowds gathered so we had the perfect view of her. When she had finished, I even managed to say to her "You have a beautiful singing voice..." just as I was passing her. Her gracious reply of "thank you so very much" made me love her even more....a truly wonderful day!

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