Saturday, 7 January 2012

It's ok to hate fashion sometimes....

As we all know, fashion comes and goes and changes quicker than it takes ourselves to decide what to wear in a morning. But sometimes, certain fashions stick and its often the most irritating and mundane garments that feature again and again in monthly fashion glossies.

But seeing as January is a month that we go out with the old and come in with the new, I am praying that these fashion faux pas (in my eyes at least) disappear for good. Its time to see whats really bugging me on the high street:

The Quilted Jacket:

Wearing a pineapple on her head actually looks better than the quilted effort...

Just because uber cool (if you like) Alexa Chung has been sporting one since day dot, doesn't mean they actually look good. Its farmer Giles meets your nan in this coat catastrophe. Hideously ugly and not flattering to say the least, I am hoping (and praying) fashion girls of the world finally take a look in the mirror and ditch the quilted glitch.

Ugg Boots:

Well if its good enough for Jason Dono then....stop wearing them. Like, now.

The classic Ugg-ly walk...

I retweeted a quote from @ThomVice on Twitter who wrote: "Why are girls still wearing Ugg boots? Please explain to me why? They look like loafs of bread." And they so do!! Not only do they make your feet look as though they are not attached to the ends of your legs (hence the funny lopsided walk ugg-wearers do) they get stained from everyday wear and tear and end up looking like soggy bread loaves attached to your feet - not a good look. And then when men started wearing them too - oh puhh-lease! They don't look any better in them either.....


Paris Hilton loses her bum amongst her thighs...
Some poor soul bares a little too much with her camel toe...
And that jegging really didn't see the butt muncher coming....

Ughhh! The most dreadful creation since the original legging. Yes yes, leggings are fine sometimes - such as when you're wearing a dress or top that goes way past your ass to prevent the dreaded soggy bum look (why girls? Please look into a mirror from time to time!) But jeggings?! Someone explain to me the reason behind the madness. Is it because your too tight to invest in a pair of decent jeans? If so, then please ditch the jeg and treat yourself (and the poor people who have to walk behind you!) to some jeans. Jeggings cause saggy bums that even Kate Moss and Paris Hilton can't get away from, the inevitable camel toe and not to mention the shiny effect of the material - yuck!

Margaret Thatcher Style:

Is Mags your new SS12 style icon?

Ugly bag. Ugly bag. UGLY BAG...

WTF is this about? I am so over seeing fashion mags finding the latest Thatcher inspired pieces for our wardrobe - if I wanted to look like Thatcher in the style stakes I'd give myself a good old slap across the face. Blue on blue? Pearls? And a barnet that even Hayley Cropper would turn down. And don't get me started on that bag the "fashion" world is raving over! It is the ugliest bag I've seen in a long time - and I've seen quiet a few believe me...The only thing that bag would be good enough for is to hit Cameron over the head with.....

Anyway, that's my rant over with....for now. Which fashion faux pas are you hoping disappear this year?

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  1. This made me laugh!
    In defence of my ugh wearing - it's purley because I'm in the late stages of pregnancy & my we'd ankles are sometimes too swollen for other shoes! I plan chucking them as soon as my son is born!
    Something I want I disappear is Pauls Boutique bags - I despise them! Xo

  2. Ooh yes Pauls Boutique! That's a brilliant one to add to the list EilidhPie! xoxo