Friday, 28 October 2011

Selfridges gets cheap....

I am so suprised to hear that Primark is going into Selfridges as a concession. What are Selfridges thinking?! I thought they where supposed to pride themselves on offering luxury fashion not cheap tat! I can't imagine seeing a Primark effort in their beautiful windows. Personally, I think its bad enough that H&M is in there!

You couldn't imagine Debenhams or House of Fraser having Primark within their department stores so I cannot understand why it would sit well in Selfridges which is a unique shopping experience in itself. It's all about being made to feel special in the big yellow store, with amazing designer pieces at your fingertips and having a shopping experience that is inspiring and wonderful; not having to step over tat that has been ransacked or purchasing items that barely last as long as a Primark paper bag does!

What do you all think? Will Primark sit next to the likes of D&G and Chanel? Or will cheap fast fashion soon take over this much loved store?

Image: Official Selfridges logo from Google Images

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Warehouse - their birthday, your present.....

If I mentioned to you the words "birthday jumper" what immediately springs to your mind? An awful brightly coloured knitted creation from your nan? A novelty knit from a great Aunt, maybe? Or a beautiful scoop neck jumper with embellished detail and soft to the touch part angora wool? Probably not the latter, but fear not as our high street favourite Warehouse knits us up a treat to celebrate their 35 year birthday. Warehouse may be getting old now but from one year to the next, the brand is aging incredibly, still bringing us up to date designer inspired fashion. It may be their birthday, but its your present....

The elegantly ribbed wool jumper has a scoop neck and pearl beading detail on the three quarter length sleeves - perfectly snug for the winter months.
Pink Jumper

Navy Jumper

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mary Joker of Frocks?

The final episode of the three part documentary following retail guru Mary Portas as she set up her own shop within House of Fraser aired last night. Now I adore Mary Portas and her rise to retail fame from small-time window dresser to Queen of shops; but has her fame gone to her fiery red head?

I asked this question myself whilst watching the episode last night - the episode that saw the camera zoom to Mary's employee Lesley on a frequent basis. Yes we know she used to be an Estate Agent and that she has never worked in retail and that she doesn't really know what she is doing - nor has she ever used a mirror to apply her make up....but we're not here to judge someone's fashion sense are we? Oh wait.....yes we are....!

For Mary Portas to pinpoint Lesley within her documentary, in my eyes, made me see Portas in a different light. It didn't show her employing reputable retail experts with an eye for fashion and detail or thirst and passion for the wonderful world of selling and serving customers. Instead we saw her choosing a lady who (pleasant though she may be) dilly-dallied around the shop floor, gave mediocre customer service and could barely style herself never mind a lady who didn't have a clue - God help her!

I wanted to know about the other staff! Who is this Fiona that Mary mentioned will be sent to help roll out the store concept in House of Fraser across the country? Who was the girl often seen in the background whilst Mary cooed over Lesley ladened down with clothes assisting customers? Who was the quirky girl with the huge on-trend glasses and wearing the statement necklaces? Who was Mary's "team"? Because it sure as hell wasn't Lesley!

From the many people I have spoken to about the program, the majority said they would have loved to have seen more of the team actually doing what they were set out to do - styling ladies in their forties who aren't otherwise being catered for on the high street - and not that one time when Lesley said " 'ere I've found these.." to some poor dear waiting in the fitting room...again God help her!

Mary Portas is known for her preaching about customer service and how to treat customers - well she sure did treat us to a "team" we never actually got to see. And surely if you wanted a team that had retail knowledge and passion, you would be bitterly dissapointed if they didn't know who Barbara Hulanicki is *ahem* Lesley.

I am praying Mary Portas's concept remains strong as she is one of my idols, but in future documentaries, I hope we see core skills and passion as opposed to poor 'comedic' value....

What do you think? Do you think Mary focussed on the wrong team member to promote her brand? Or did you enjoy the comedic value? Did it leave Mary looking like she couldn't recruit a worthy team or did she still come up tops in your eyes? Let me know.....

My High Street Shopping Finds....

It's that time of the month again when I hit the high street and, er, shop! As the colder days draw in, its all about planning your wardrobe around seasonal changes, fashion trends and your own unique style. Check out this months wardrobe updates for inspiration!

Two Tone Tux

I have had my eye on this beautiful tux for a while now and its the perfect piece to smarten up a day time look for the evening, look professional at the office or even as a jacket before you dig out the faithful winter coat. The black detailed lapels and pockets differentiates this tux from others available on the high street - androgyny eat your heart out...

Sheer Shirt

One of my favourite parts of winter styling is layering - whether its grabbing your woolly tights and teaming them with knitted socks and boots, layering cosy knits over day time dresses or feeling all toasty underneath your fave winter coat on-trend snood. This shirt immediately stood out to me as it is very versatile. I'll be layering it up with a cami underneath and a chunky knit cardi...

A-Line Skirt

When it comes to fashion, I am more girly than masculine so my wardrobe is an array of floral designs and patterns. Although florals can be deemed as summery, I love how this a-line skirt has more of an autumnal feel to the orange flowers and classic navy blue background. I'm teaming mine up with maroon tights and chunky winter boots....

Statement Necklace

Statement jewellery is my calling! I think I am a tad obsessed with all things shiney, big and bold - maybe a bit of a magpie if you like! Can you believe this gorgeous necklace is from Primark for a measley £4?! It just goes to show you don't have to dig deep to look chic - I'm using mine to glam up LBD's and underneath shirts to make a stylish statement....

Happy Shopping

Monday, 17 October 2011

Style Crush: Caggie Dunlop Makes a Jewellery Statement....

Adorable photograph!
All Made In Chelsea Fans want the couple to get it on already!!

I am loving the new series of Made In Chelsea - it may not be as riveting as The Only Way Is Essex, but I think my girl crush on Caggie Dunlop is surficing that! Her sense of style is very interesting with her sashaying from midnight glamour puss to day time bohemian chic. Not a stranger to high street fashion (we've seen her sporting Topshop, Zara and River Island to name but a few...) Caggie has pulled out all the stops this series with her unique selection of jewellery and accessories.

I heart this bracelet ring from Urban Outfitters....

I LOVE this bracelet ring from Urban Outfitters - its so unusual and quirky. Caggie confirmed the piece was in fact from Urban Outfitters on her official Twitter page but I can't seem to find this online. I have, however, found two similar pieces below:

Chain bracelet ring
Urban Outfitters

Double Ring
Urban Outfitters

Rings and pretty things....

Showing off her multi coloured nails and collection of vintage inspired rings, Caggie banishes the 'posh girl' rule and gets quirky. Similar rings are available from Urban Outfitters below:
Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Caggy's feminine Lipsy dress is rocked up with statement cuffs...

Statement jewellery has been huge yet again this season from necklaces to earrings - Caggie rocks the statement cuff trend and adds edge to her feminine lace Lipsy dress.
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pattern and Texture at River Island...

River Island is known for bringing their own unique twists to fashion's key seasonal trends and this AW11 does not dissapoint. With an array of patterns, touch-me textures and interesting detail, River Island is standing out from the high street with these special pieces I have picked from their new arrival collection online:


I have a huge attraction to fringing this year - whether it was during the Summer season with a bohemian vibe or this Winter to channel Navajo. This beautiful kimono has an ethereal feel and could be teamed with skinny denim, a maxi skirt or even a playful dress for ultra style!

 I haven't seen a coat like this on the high street before - the detailing is impeccable. From the leather buckes and edging, woollen oversized collar and unique pattern, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd. The perfect winter coat to snuggle up under!

 Marc Jacobs had spots all over the catwalk which the retail world has gone wild for this season! Not only is the turquoiuse colour very 'now', the spot detailing gives an unusual twist on the every day jean.

Jumpsuits have been a wardrobe staple for sometime now but I am loving the jewel colouring on this one from River Island. Add a pair of killer gold heels and a statement necklace with a fur gilet for true 70's style.
 Leopard is a reccurring print in the fashion world - done wrong you can look like Bet Lynch, done right you can work the pavement like a catwalk! I am lusting after these special boots! I'll be wearing them with an LBD and let the boots do the talking as well as the walking.....
Being a boho girl at heart I could not resist choosing this shawl! I love the clashing of the prints, the mixed textures of the material and the effortlessly chic edge it would give to any outfit - I want this now!!

Happy Shopping

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Get TOWIE style with ASOS.....

Not only am I thoroughly obsessed with The Only Way Is Essex (so bad its good right?!) I am also lusting after Lydia Rose Bright's wardrobe! Whether she's chilling out in high street fashion (she loves New Look and is often spotted cavorting the latest looks!) or mixing it up with vintage classics, she is quirky and individual with a mix of that Essex glam - tan, lashes and vajazzle anyone?!

The most styish TOWIE girl....

She may be arguing with her boyfriend Arg, but the girl looks fab!

On last nights episode, I loved her outfit! Adorable pussy bow blouse teamed with a waterfall red blazer and leather trousers. Get a similar look with

Red Blazer

Pussy Bow Shirt

Leather Trousers

Happy Shopping

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mary - It's all about being Queen of the Clothes!

There was drama in the world of Mary Portas in this week's episode of the greatly tweeted about Queen of Frocks documentary. Employees not bothering to turn up for crucial training (how could he!) potential customers slamming the collection designs (was there any need really?) House of Fraser visual team using last year's props on the Mary department (shocking!) and the retail Queen herself being told she looked sixty years old (What?! I was suprised to hear she's fifty!) But at the end of the day, the shop is all about one thing - the clothes!

Mary Portas' aim was to create an easy-to-wear collection for the forty something fashionable woman - a woman who feels she wants to remain stylish and sophisticated as opposed to shopping in the "geriatric" section in department stores; lilac Lil anyone?! The collection is all about simple key pieces (the blazer, the tailored trouser, the LBD, the day dress and the shirt) and tailoring those to fit in with your every day lifestyle through clever accessorizing to suit your mood.

Black Dress
 The classic LBD cut across the neck for a flattering finish for ladies who want sophisticated style. Accessorize with coloured or patterned tights, a chunky statement necklace or just with your very own attitude!
Classic Tux
 The blazer has become a staple piece in the last few years within fashion. Navy finish with black lapels cut to the mid torso - pocket details on the hips add accentuate womanly curves.
Perfect Day Dress
 This beautiful dress is perfect for the Autumn season. Team with a pair of boots and thick winter coat for lady like glam.
Tailored Shirt
 The classic shirt available in a variety of other colours takes inspiration from Mary herself. Team with anything from tailored trousers, jeans, pencil skirts or this season's midi; an investment purchase.
Flared Trouser
 Fiercely flared trousers are the perfect replacement for skinny jeans. Flattering on the behind (we all won't say no to that pro!) and leg lengthening when teamed with a pair of killer heels!
Statement Necklace
I am personally so pleased that Mary Portas has designed her own jewellery line as she is always seen sporting amazing necklaces and statement bangles that make her outfit complete. Accessorize your LBD or tailored shirt with a 'wow' necklace like this one!

Happy Shopping

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Warehouse - 35 and Fabulous!

Yes you read the title right. Leading edge retailer Warehouse turns 35 this month - that's 35 years celebrating feminine style, embracing effortless design and translating trends especially for their sensational customer.

From a small store on London's Duke Street in 1976 to the huge development project of a brand new store in Westfield Stratford, Warehouse continues to excite and inspire paving the way for high street fashion retailers everywhere. But what gives the brand that exceptional sense of quality and a strong customer base line?

Warehouse from back in the day...

Maybe its the celebrity demand for Warehouse that keeps us wanting more? Whether it's a Warehouse dress on the red carpet, a singer grabbing a sale bargain or even a Princess in the making splashing out , the A listers are wearing the British brand with pride - well if it's good enough for Royalty....

Kate Middleton wearing Warehouse, Pixie Lott shops the sales and
Fearne glams it up with the number one high street brand...

Or could it be Warehouse's in-house design team that take the signature Warehouse leopard print each season, turning it into something new and exciting for us all to lust after. From shirts to dresses, the print can be found teamed with leather for an added edge or designed within grecian style dresses for a completely feminine and floaty feel - it's the perfect Warehouse print!

Leopard print is a key look for Warehouse - sexy and individual, rawwr!

The Warehouse culture is positive and ambitious - they like to take risks and push boundaries on a daily basis. Supporting the British Fashion Council's College's Council competition to search for new design talent, Warehouse launched the winner's range 'Shivani Chavda for Warehouse' selling it in their top stores across the country and online. The risk was worth it as the collection has received rave reviews and even Sarah Harding was spotted wearing one of the infamous dresses!

The competition design and photography winner with one of their looks....

Whilst Warehouse support new design talent, they have also continued to team up with Breakthrough Breast Cancer  for the last fourteen years to help raise awareness and valuable funds for the charity's pioneering research work. From jewellery collections, motif t shirts and bags the design team have come up with something new every year; and this year is no exception. A beautiful pink lace blouse is the result of a committed retailer doing their bit for charity and encouraging their customers to help support them too - so what are you waiting for? Make like your favourite brand and get donating!

The beautiful blouse, £30, with 10% being donated to charity....

Is Warehouse such a success because they continue to excite and inspire? Their press images never cease to get us geared up for the new seasons ahead! Reacting to emerging trends with a unique styling concept that reflect the Warehouse customer, the brand maintains a high standard of fit and emphasis on quality even 35 years on...

A stunning PR shot from the AW11 collection...

Or maybe the brand success is down to their committment to their loyal customer fan base? For girls who are always looking forward (or back on this occassion!) Warehouse have always had their glamorous and individual customer at the forefront of everything they do. This year they launched "Ways to Shop"; a shopping experience allowing you to choose the way you shop that can be tailor made to fit into your lifestyle. Too busy to venture to the high street? Shop online! Want to try before you buy? Reserve instore! Still want the store experience but can't find your size? Let the Warehouse team track it down and have it delivered to your own address! There really is no excuse to not get your Warehouse fix!

Shop in style with Warehouse....

After 35 years of being committed to their customers, Warehouse wants to celebrate their birthday with all the people who allowed them to push boundaries, become a leading edge retailer and embrace fashion from day one to now. With an array of activities happening in stores across the country and online where you could win your shopping, gift vouchers or even chocolate and champers, help the brand celebrate in true Warehouse style - glamorously, individually and creatively!

Warehouse may have outgrown their own target aged customer of 18-30, but Warehouse is about attitude afterall and not age so here's to another 35 years of success - viva la Warehouse!

See all the celebration offer details and memories at from the 9th October 2011
All images have been sourced from the Warehouse Press site

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mary Queen of Frocks - TV Shocks.....

So the first episode of Mary Portas' program aired tonight documenting the build up of her very own shop 'Mary'. Collaborating with House of Fraser, the program has seen the retail guru analyse the design process, the initial customer profile and recruit her worthy team. But as she 'trended' on social network site Twitter for the majority of the show, the most suprising part of the program was in fact the way Mary picked and poked at "retail ancestor" House of Fraser.

The first quarter of the show showed Portas attempting to find a solid business retail empire to help take her idea to the next level; she went through John Lewis, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges before Jaeger Chairman set up a meeting with her only to turn around and say it was too late in the year for them to support her shop (surely Mary new that they would already be a few seasons ahead??)

Mary then contacts John King, House of Fraser Chairman, whilst commentating "Time is running out....I am running out of options..." so she rings good ol' House of Fraser who gladly take her on. In the past, Mary has publicly portrayed her disgrace at the brand's regeneration of the Edinburgh Jenners department store saying "Jenners internal design is absolutely stunning. But it feels like House of Fraser got a hold of it and it's just ended up with a slightly hybrid shop instead of one that is still 'Jenners'. Now it doesn't know what it is – Arthur or Martha."* She then goes onto say House of Fraser itself "could be so much better". (2009)

And didn't we all know it?!

So why choose the HOF as a home for her very own shop? A shop, which she says, she will be scrutinized for in every single way possible due to her high profile persona in retail and whether she can really practise what she preaches. The documentary Queen of Frocks then documents Portas prancing around House of Fraser Oxford Street store picking out "hideous" items of clothing from the brand's House Brand departments such as Linea, Dickins and Jones and Episode.

Tensions seemed high during a meeting with the department store's Buying and Design teams. Mary had a clear vision of what products she wanted to sell to her forty something target customer. House of Fraser seemed more interested in what was going to make them money and quickly as opposed to catering to the needs of Mary's customer. But Mary being the strong woman we have all grown to love and admire, stuck to her guns and got what she wanted - obviously.

As episode one came to an end, it was still unclear to see the reason why Mary has chosen the HOF to associate her brand with. Were they really a last resort to home her product? Or is her direct and abrasive judging just Mary's way? I guess we'll find out next week!

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Get Charitable Whilst You Shop with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is an honourable charity that all us ladies should be pulling together for and supporting! And what better way to support a charity than by being able to shop and donate money all at the same time - its that simple!

Lots of high street brands such as Warehouse, Topshop, Coast, River Island and M&S all support FTBC through designing products from cosmetics to fashion in aid of making some much needed money to support pivotal and life saving work projects were cancer patients are already benefitting from drugs developed within the FTBC centre.

For Breakthrough Breast Cancer month this October, four high street brands have designed four new products in order to help raise money. So what are you waiting for? Flex those purse strings for a good cause whilst updating your own wardrobe for the Autumn season....

Red Dress
£125 with 10% going to Breast Cancer Awareness

Pretty Floral Bra
£18.50 with 10% going to Breast Cancer Awareness

Cute Ballerina Pumps
£129 with 10% going to Breast Cancer Awareness

Lace Pink Top
£30 with 10% going to Breast Cancer Awareness

Happy Shopping and Charity Donating!

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