Friday, 28 October 2011

Selfridges gets cheap....

I am so suprised to hear that Primark is going into Selfridges as a concession. What are Selfridges thinking?! I thought they where supposed to pride themselves on offering luxury fashion not cheap tat! I can't imagine seeing a Primark effort in their beautiful windows. Personally, I think its bad enough that H&M is in there!

You couldn't imagine Debenhams or House of Fraser having Primark within their department stores so I cannot understand why it would sit well in Selfridges which is a unique shopping experience in itself. It's all about being made to feel special in the big yellow store, with amazing designer pieces at your fingertips and having a shopping experience that is inspiring and wonderful; not having to step over tat that has been ransacked or purchasing items that barely last as long as a Primark paper bag does!

What do you all think? Will Primark sit next to the likes of D&G and Chanel? Or will cheap fast fashion soon take over this much loved store?

Image: Official Selfridges logo from Google Images

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