Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Money or Their Money?

My blog is a place where I like to discuss things all fashion and retail. Although today's topic isn't fashion or clothing related, I still feel the need to blog about it.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I have been hunting high and low for somewhere permanent to live now I've moved to London and the other night I finally found somewhere wonderful! I have the hefty deposit sitting waiting in my bank account so today I went to Halifax to simply transfer the money from my account into my new Landlord's. Simple right? Er, no.....

Apparently, I have to ring a representative from Halifax over the phone as opposed to being able to transfer the money here and now. This coming from the lady sat behind the protective glass, no customer queue behind myself and the computer most probably holding all my details and the button she would need to click to transfer the money.

Always giving as little as possible..!!

So I trudge over to the telephone service and wait for twenty minutes. When I finally get a phone booth and eventually get through to a representative to speak to, I find out that I have to register online for 'telephone services'. But I am on the phone right now! What difference does it make? I've gone through the five security questions and proved I am who I am saying I am and again the money is sitting waiting in my account so why can't the transaction be done?

Yes, by not allowing you to actually get to your money....

Well, apparently they don't do that anymore. You know, the simple clear customer service? The ability to gain safe, secure information face to face as opposed to speaking to an automated machine or having to do it on the world wide web. So when did banking become so difficult? If you have your own hard earned money sat in your account surely you can do with it what you wish?

...from their competitors - bravo Halifax

It's not like I wanted a credit card or a loan - I wanted to transfer my own cash to someone else's account. And Halifax's answer? Go to the third party's bank and they can deal with my request. So whilst Halifax send me elsewhere to their competitor bank to sort out their customer's "issue", I am hoping that Barclays can be more of a help than Halifax have been - Barclays don't let me down!!

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