Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Warehouse Ladies: Adorn Yourselves in Jewels....

The brand new jewellery collection from Warehouse this Autumn will take a charming new chain journey collecting trinkets, charms and precious gem stones en route. Adapting street style trends and combining them with the iconic Warehouse handwriting, the range will not only be different from what other retailers will be offering this season, but will be a pleasant fashionable surprise for loyal customers too.

 Delicate chains are adorned with semi precious stones and street trend charms. Layer them up to create a bejewelled look that could outshine the decadent era of the 1930's.

 Key details include chain tassels in brushed metallic with precious stones appearing in amber; the longer you wear it the better!

 Bracelets are quirky with leather plaited straps and diamant√© jewels. Think bohemian glamour and pile them on around your wrists and forearms for everyday to night time luxe.

Probably the only similar pieces from the collection that we have seen before from Warehouse with their iconic rock n roll edge in the metallic chain and emphasis on tough layering.

 The gorgeous semi precious stones are sourced from Taiwan, making Warehouse one of the only brands to use these within their regalia. On trend, much?!

Left: Set of Two £15
Right: £8/£10 
Check out these unusual sparklers -set to be the starting point of any style conversation. I'm lusting after the first one with the unusual cluster of stones. Warehouse will be styling them stacked together for the ultimate in dressing up chic!

   These beauties are my favourites from the new range. It is a very different style and feel for Warehouse to incorporate more street rather than catwalk trends into their jewellery product; paving the way forward in regards to decorating your Warehouse wardrobe perfectly.

 The iconic bird charm has been a huge success within other High Street retailers, likewise with the fancy Love quotes too. However, Warehouse take the trend further by incorporating other lucky charms such as a diamant√© horse shoe and bejewelled crown for Autumn.

As most girls (and guys!) out there know, jewellery can transform an outfit from one look to the next. I, for one, can't wait to see these Warehouse pieces hitting stores ready for the Fall season and with price points this low, you can easily incorporate autumnal style into your current wardrobe....

Images from the Warehouse Jewellery LookBook

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  1. I am stopping by after seeing your blog entry tweet about K. Millen! She is one of my most favorite designers and I am so glad to come across your blog! Love the article below on becoming a visual merchandiser as well as the jewelry selections you featured above!