Monday, 9 April 2012

Twinne: Where Art Meets Fashion...

The first collection from Twinne
Are you tiring of the pretty-pretty fashion that goes hand in hand with the summer season? Are you longing to be rocking it back up in a monochrome palette and a statement graphic tee? If your answer to the latter is a resounding yes then a niche t-shirt range from subversive new brand on the block Twinne is going to be heavily influencing your wardrobe over the coming months.

T Shirt
Artwork by Aldo Campilongo

T Shirt
Artwork by Sebastiano Guerriero
The t-shirt collection is co-created by top worldwide artists; an infusion of anarchic graphic-style prints that are both unconventional and creative. With an initial subculture inspired by the Brand Directors' Italian heritage, the tees promote individual style with muses from London's East End and international urban street life. Through a diverse appeal, Twinne showcases underground designers from across the world who experiment with all kinds of different art forms and fuse together an innovative design strategy to produce an edgy collection of cool tees which instigate subversive youth culture.

T Shirt
Artwork by Zerj Cisneros
T Shirt
Artwork by Christina Mrozik
 Black and white t-shirts are adorned with unusual art from creatives who experiment and push the imaginative boundaries taking inspiration from sights, sounds and flavours of urban life from around the globe. I love the intricate artwork of the Aldo Campilongo tee in white which portrays a tiger submorphing in between animalistic and human life form; simply breathtaking detail. I also particularly like the samurai sword graphic tee by artist and Twinne co-founder Sebastiano Guerriero where the vivid colours of the full bloom flowers against the corrupt proposition of the deathly skull, provokes a sinister attitude that is present throughout the brand's collection.

T Shirt
Artwork by Carne Griffiths 
T Shirt
Artwork by Ruben Ireland
With Twinne officially launching tomorrow evening (Tuesday 10th of April) at 6pm online, it is clear to see the direction of the brand and where it will be heading to in the future. It's a mixture of an All Saints cult meets Religion's distressed reprimand for lyrical art, musical muses and heavy British influences. But whether it's the unique ideology of submerging underground designers to create a t-shirt brand which is both sexy yet edgy, or the way in which the Brand Directors' have put a slick Italian flair on something so simple, you can tell that Twinne will be gradually shaping the t-shirt design industry through the integration of tomorrow's artists today. The brand's connotations may be dark, but their future in niche fashion looks very bright indeed...

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