Saturday, 23 April 2011

When retail advertising goes wrong...

So one of my biggest peeves in the fashion industry is when I see really bad examples of styling, outfit choices, model choices and such forth. In my eyes, if the so called fashion big wigs can make such appalling decisions then how on earth did they get that job position in the first place?! Especially when people such as you and me could probably do the job a whole lot better if we were actually given the opportunity to. Below are 3 of my most irritating retail advertisements of the year so far.

First off, this half hearted effort from large department store chain House Of Fraser. This image was used to promote an instore and online Spring event last month and has been used in countless fashion magazines from Grazia to Elle. But what in God's green grass is the styling all about?!

A great example of truly terrible styling, in my opinion. I mean what on earth is that jacket the model on the left is wearing? And what a half hearted attempt at this seasons Brights trend - the palest blue jeans imaginable and hideous snot-green cardi = not a good look! Okish attempt on the usual Safari trend on the right there; but teamed with a black mini skirt? What is this, some kind of 90's throwback? A cool pair of khaki flares and accessorized with chunky over the top necklaces and bangles would have been an ace look.

House of Fraser seem to be too afraid to really push the styling boundaries and create something really over the top and on trend, especially with their choice of high end fashion labels which they could have chosen from. Sack the stylist?

Another image from House Of Fraser which riles me up no end is this feature taken from last month's Beauty Confidential event. An event purely set up to sell beauty products from moisturisers and foundations to eye creams and perfumes; ie any product that helps enhance your NATURAL beauty. Errr... does she look natural to you?

Now I may be taking a wild guess here; but plastic surgery addict or what? She must have had botox, eye brow lift, cheek fillers, lip fillers to name but a few? So how does this promote natural beauty or have squat to do with House Of Frasers Beauty Confidential campaign? It looks more like an advertisement you would find in the back of a magazine for plastic surgery!

The more I look at the image the more it reminds me of someone....someone famous....Pete Burns is that you??!!

Another department store advertisement now. Don't get me wrong, I really do think Marks and Spencer are pushing the boundaries (unlike some other retailers...) and I am loving some of their Summer collection pieces and the celebrity endoursements from Twiggy to Danni Minogue. But this advertisement to me is such a faux pas!

I may be completely out on my own on this one, but when looking a the advertisement your eyes should immediately be drawn to the fantastic styling (in most cases right?). But on this occassion, I am not drawn to the hot pink jumpsuit, or the fab tropical print dress as worn by Twiggy. No, my eye is distracted by the black blob on Danni Minogue's chest! I know it is a necklace but what an eye sore! The stylist has used all these bright vivid colours and then stuck a harsh black necklace as a last resort to a dress that deffinately needed something else to bring the outfit to life. Bad styling decision in my eyes though as all you notice is THAT. Plus it is not even a nice necklace! Such a shame when the other pieces are pretty good on trend items.

Better luck next time retailers!

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