Thursday, 21 April 2011

More Highstreet than Highness?

News circling the fashion industry this week is the fact that Princess to be Kate Middleton took a trip down to the high street to get her hands on some gorgeous designer inspired pieces.

Kate shopped in my favourite high street store Warehouse were she purchased one blouse and three dresses. Rumours are rife that she plans to wear these on her honeymoon, although Warehouse source has confirmed that they are not entirely sure whether these are indeed her plans for her new purchases.

Her buys included this tropical bird print dress for just £65

And this beautiful lace cut blouse for £55

Now this is an unexpected purchase from Kate - right on trend, bright and boldly patterned. I would love Kate to really go to town with this and make the most of the clashing floral trend!

I adore Warehouse and their products and I really hope that when Kate Middleton steps out in public wearing these items she does them justice. I find Kate's style very safe and feel she deffinately needs to push the boundaries a lot more in the style stakes. All this talk of Kate been a style icon are way too premature to me; she has a lot of competition from celebs who are actually creative in what they wear.

But what a fantastic PR opportunity for Warehouse! When I posted this page, the dress was only available in a size 10 and the blouse in a 10 and 12. Also, it is making Kate come across as a genuine and relatable woman in the public eye and a great role model for all of her female followers.

So as a new royal steps up to the mark, maybe the family is adapting to the modern times of the noughties by atleast allowing the Princess to be portrayed  as 'normal', possibly to help improve the reputation of the Royals in the public eye.

(Above, what Kate could look like in one of her dresses. Image from

 I can't wait to be seeing Kate in her recent purchases! Why not buy your Kate copies from

(Clothing images taken from

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