Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Bag Hag or Shoe Queen?

This blog is turning into some kind of fashion confessional. Maybe I should spend more time in a confession booth speaking to a priest as opposed to blogging my inner thoughts. I guess that statement is a bit extreme, after all I'm only admitting to a few female fashion stereotypes that I just don't abide to; I dislike summer, I'm so over the whole Kate/Wills wedding saga - am I really a bad fashionista? Maybe not then, but most deffinately now....

My new admittance is a big one. I didn't even realise it myself until I was reading one of those cheesey women only magazines and came across those fun-but-your-always-disappointed-with-the-answer questionnaires. The question was "which do you own more of: bags or shoes?" One answer led to one question and the other to another. The truth is, I am not a shoe or handbag girl. There you go, I said it.

Every girl knows you fall in to two categories (stereotypically anyway). There is the Shoe-aholic and the Bag-aholic. A girl either has a mass of shoes or a pile of handbags but I have neither. I rarely buy new shoes because I hate them! They are like mini torture chambers for your toes - ouch! And don't get me started on the price. It sounds terrible but I struggle handing over the cash for a pair of £5 fake brogues from Primark (I can hear your gasps already). I just can't get my head around paying hundreds of pounds for a pair of heels. They are uncomfortable and ruin your night dancing with the girls and they always end up tucked under your arm by the end of the night - waste of money. Once you have the basic shoes - the boot, the pump, the sandal, the heel and new cult fave the brogue - you're done. Well I am anyway, I literally have like six pairs of shoes at the most. And my favourite pair isn't a pair of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos - its a pair of scruffy vintage tan boots which actually inspired the name of this very blog.

Now onto the handbag situation (don't worry that isn't the name of a new Jersey Shorer...) Again, I don't see the point of spending mega bucks on a bag which I for one dump on the floor on the bus, or kick under a table at a restaurant or try to stuff into my locker when I get to work. So again I own the basics - the clutch, the handbag, the shoulder bag, the vintage bag- and that's it. Hey, I'm a loyal kind of girl, once I have a favourite and versatile handbag or shoe or hang on to it - forever!

I may not me a bag or shoe girl but my obsession is with dresses, I have so many! I'm bulking up my collection with fabulous vintage finds but I also find Warehouse dresses extremely flattering. So thanks to my small collection of shoes, I have so much more room for my masses of dresses. But back to the original problem - the womens magazine questionnaire, so which way do I go? Handbag route? Shoe route? If only there was a dress route....

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  1. I know what you mean, I don't understand women who have loads of shoes and bags. I don't even think I have all the basics :/ I have a pair of heels I have never even worn, and they must be at least 2 years old lol. x