Thursday, 16 February 2012

Inspiring my wardrobe...

I think everyone has a bit of a lull fashion-wise; whether you're fed up of your style or don't seem to have found it yet, it's good to take inspiration from others when it comes to what and how to wear your clothes. Still finding my feet in the style stakes (it's somewhere between boho/vintage/rock/grunge) I have been looking to some icons for inspiration....

And to start off my new and improved wardrobe, a few sneaky purchases from the good old high street may be in order! This week I'm loving:

Fringed Kimono
River Island

Sheer Maxi Dress

Statement Necklace

Rihanna Graphic Tee

Sheer Maxi Skirt

Hand Bracelet
ASOS Marketplace

Vintage Paisley Dress
ASOS Marketplace
Who are your style inspirations?

Happy Shopping

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