Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sex and the City Tumblr....

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (follow me here) you will have come to the realisation that I am only just getting into Sex and the City! I was way too young to watch it when it first came around, but after seeing both of the films when they were released, I thought it was about time I watched the actual series. So queue those long, dark, winter evenings after work, a box of malteasers and the SATC boxset, I am already on season 4 and willing Carrie to ditch Big and go back for Aiden!

I came across this Tumblr site and loved the mixture of cute photograhy with classic SATC quotes! I thought I'd post a few up on here seeing as I am becoming obsessed. And as my friends and I argue over who is who in our group (I am Carrie obviously!) I'm wondering if anyone else is doing the exact same thing from our generation?


The ultimate Sex and the City quote! Love this.

Classic Samantha....

Ah we can all relate to this one...

Amazing photography!

Can you imagine!


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