Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Obsessed with: Rita Ora

She's this summer's biggest thing in music, threatening to push Rihanna right out of the spotlight by being Jay-Z's new number one girl! But aside from her quirky music and catchy song lyrics (I know you're all still singing along to R.I.P!) it's her style that has the fashion world in a frenzy. I've already done one post on some of my favourite Rita Ora outfits, but when I came across this website, I knew I had to promote it on my blog! is an amazing site featuring practically every outfit that Ms Ora is photographed in by the infamous paparazzi. But this isn't just a picture site. With a dedicated behind the scenes team, this tumblr page tells you what Rita is wearing, who she is wearing and, more importantly, where you can buy her exact wardrobe!

So whether your hunting for an Ora-inspired piece or you just want to take your style-stalking to the next level like I did, check out this amazing site!

The site spots Rita's designer buys...

And matches up Rita's complete outfits for you...

Even her music video accessories are accounted for!

The site tells you the who whats and wheres of Rita's wardrobe!

Happy Style Stalking

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