Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tatty's Song of the Week.

Aside from fashion and retail music is one of my main passions in life! I've decided to start posting my 'song of the week' on my blog, so each week you can see what I'm listening to and loving! I will pre-warn you that my music taste is quiet sporadic, so one week it could be a pop song, then the next week a rock anthem and, thanks to my recent holiday to Ibiza, there may even be a few house tracks on here!

Hope you enjoy this week's track by ex X-Factor contestant Amelia Lily. I loved her on the accent - her punky attitude and her husky voice combined seemingly created a star in the making. Her debut single 'You Bring Me Joy' has been released this week. There isn't a video yet, but I managed to hunt this version down on YouTube.


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