Thursday, 19 May 2011

Highstreet Hunt #3

So the fashion world was rocked this week after Cheryl Cole abominated the season's colour block trend. Donning wild bouffant-styled hair and a badly pieced together outfit, the fashion industry has been split in two over cheryl's catwalk outfit...

With badly fitted purple trousers, an awkwardly tucked in orange blouse and ugly aqua belt, the Princess of Pop looked more try hard than catwalk queen. The trousers needed to have more of a flare and an orange shirt would have been more fetching than the blouse - hitting the 70's trend on the head too. Cheryl's hair was way too wild to aid her styling, a slicked back simple do would have been more flattering. And with all the money she has, could she not have had her trousers taken up to the right length for her?! If the outfit was this bad, I wonder what the shoes looked like...!

But how would I do the colour block trend I hear you cry! Well, below are a few highstreet picks from my favourite highstreet stores of the week:

Hot from River Island this week, the colour block playsuit, £29.99, channels both the colour block trend and smashes the sporty look very Isabel Marant don't you think? Team with these adorable colour stripe shoes, £64.99, and clash the colours with the electric blue handbag £39.99. Keep colours bright and bold, but more importantly, ensure the colours cover a large proportion of the dressing to make a statement - get yet  it Cheryl?

How gorgeous is this jumpsuit from Warehouse, £70. I love the flare of the bottoms and the flattering high neck. Again, channel the 70's look into colour blocking by adding this bright blue oversized hat, £16 and subtly introduce other colour elements with the colour mix clutch.

So Cheryl, do you wish you took to the British Highstreet now? Hmm, thought so...

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