Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lady of Leather

Radio 1's Big Weekend last week kind of kicked off the upcoming festivals of the Summer and who was there to outshine every artist in the style stakes? The one and only Lady Gaga. Accompanying sexy dominatrix meets rock and roll star. Think leather, PVCN studs and tassle detailings.

Although only a few of you will dare to brave the PVC bra and pants combo, luckily for the rest of you I have picked out a few of my favourite high street leather jackets so you too can embrace the Lady Gaga leather look!

How beautiful is the tailoring on this piece from priced at £240. I love the feminine cut of the lapels that bring an air of softness to a normally tough looking leather jacket.

This leather jacket is a-mazing you have to check it out on because it has an awesome full chain detailed back! This is pure rock and roll not only with the chains but with the zip slashes also! I really like the zig-zag tailoring of the jacket's collar too. A great investment piece priced at £280.

Stepping off the leather radar just slightly for a moment here we have another jacket from, £50. I think the use of mixed fabrics here (suede and knit) creates a really interesting piece. The tassles give it an edge and the beautiful texture makes it an unusual wardrobe must-have.

Now I never normally use designer pieces as I like to aim my blog at high street retailers and vintage hunters alike, but when I came across this beauty hot from I just had to post it on here! Falling under the more tailored leather jacket this really is a statement oiece. Gorgeously soft leather, feminine finishing and an array of zipped detail give this jacket true style status. Priced at £2090, whoever has this in their wardrobe is one very lucky lady!

Leather jackets are one fashion item that never seem to go out of style; choose correctly and they are long lasting heirlooms that can be passed down from even your parents (I have a vintage leather biker jacket that was my mums!)

They are investment pieces as you can team them with anything from jeans to pretty day dresses, to maxi skirts and eveningwear. So splash   be prepared to splash the cash if you want a hard wearing jacket and you won't be disappointed.

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