Friday, 6 May 2011

Hull Fashion Event

Set in the gorgeous Trinity Church, Hull Fashion Week kicked off last weekend with catwalks galore and treasure-hunting vintage stalls.

The aisle of the church was turned into a full length catwalk stage were some of Hull's most unique vintage boutiques and independent retro shops. It was a fantastic opportunity for not only them to promote their businesses but also for the city to ressurect the old town area and, more importantly, the historic church surroundings.

Another great opportunity for a few of the vintage market stalls to get in on the action by setting up a vintage market in the bottom quarters of the church. An ethereal setting hosted vintage selections from Dove Hospice. Still obviously in Royal Wedding mode from the previous day, I immediately was drawn to this stunning silk wedding gown. According to local sources, an annonymous donation of several vintage and antique wedding dresses were donated to the Dove Hospice who are now selling them for outstandingly reasonable prices! Unfortunately, I am not even close to tying the knot so I had to leave this beauty behind. (Apologies for the boyfriend holding up the dress!)

I adore the beautiful floral pattern on the silky material!

One of my favourite places to source vintage items is from a newly established business called The Magpie's Den which is held in Hull's daily Trinity Marketplace. The girl who runs it is so lovely and she has a great eye for amazing pieces. I previously featured the maxi dress below in a previous blog post, but here it is again seeing as I love it so much!

If your either from Hull or ever nearby in Yorkshire, why not take a visit to the Trinity Market in the city centre? And be sure to make a stop at my favourite market stall The Magpie's Den!

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