Saturday, 28 May 2011

marks wants it spark back...

when you think of marks and spencer what comes to mind? frumpy? unfashionable? old? yep me too. but the brand is set to undergo a massive image overhaul both in its brand presence and fashion collections.

marc bolland, chief executive, has claimed the stores are not "inspirational" enough and i for one certainly agree. he also said the stores were "difficult to shop" and he would spend €€six hundred million pounds sprucing them up over the next few years.

also in his plans, a huge revamp of the stores own bought brands per una and autograph making them more accessible to the fashion savvy. rumours are also rife that the brands name will go from marks and spencer to m€ and s with sub brands m and s for men and m and s for women.

so if you could change good old marksies what would you do? as a visual merchandiser, i would have to start with the bland window displays, making them more contemporary and creative. it would be great for the brand to collaborate with freelance designers for a unique brand asthetic in comparisson to other stores within the market. the store itself would need to be remerchandised accordingly as it is currently merchandised in items as opposed to fashion collections i.e all t shirts together, all trousers together.
being able to see each collection would enable the customer to relate to the current fashion trends, making the shopping experience more commercial and appealing to a wider range of customers.

a new marks and spencer brand overhaul will prove an exciting trail of events and it will be interesting to see what changes will be made and,above all, if it will actually work. the brand has a much more mature customer base than most retail stores - i wonder how they will take to their favourite brands new modernisation...

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