Thursday, 17 March 2011

From Fashion House to Guard House

I've been considering writing an article about John Galliano since his racism scandal hit the tabloids a few weeks ago. Galliano, such an innovative, creative and talented individual, has been branded a racist after making offensive and naive comments to Italian punters in a bar he was also in.

The tabloids have stuck to the old hate campaign against a celebrity (they did it with Naomi Campbell on her assault charges, even the likes of Katie Price are still tarnished with the evil brush).

Now, just to clear things up here, I do not in any way condole abusive or racist behaviour, but I do believe in two sides. I'm not saying the stories in the papers and magazines are false; we've all viewed the videos after all. But what I am trying to say is that we all think celebrities and people in high power are inculpable, when in fact they are just that - people.

That's right, Galliano; mega super-dooper fashion designer that he is; is just a person like you, me and that guy sat right next to you on the bus to work. He is human. And we all know a human that is rude, obnoxious, opinionated and outspoken. How about when your Uncle makes an inappropriate comment about the black guy who lives next door, or a work colleague emails you the latest tasteless Tsunami joke - how do you react? We all know it's wrong and it's taboo but sometimes in this day and age it's just the kind of banter you hear and get used to, which is really sad.

Please don't read this in the wrong way, I am in no way racist or discriminatory, I am merely trying to portray another side of the story. I must say though I am in no way overly surprised with Galliano's outcry. He is an extremely controversial personality, think back to his Derelicte 2000 collection which infuriated many and was the starting point for the rest of his over the top shows...

What I am trying to get at here is, although we saw Galliano as this amazing and fruitful designer who inspired so many of us whether it be through what we wore or what we began designing our very selves. But he is still a person with a personality and negative traits just like we all have. Just because he is well thought of doesn't mean he is all good, he may very well be a racist but so may be the nurse who you visited the other week at the hospital, or the woman who served you in Asda the other day.

I just think certain magazines who have wrote articles on Galliano the past few weeks have been too busy writing about how shocked they are, or how dismayed they have been, or how he has let the fashion world down rather than why he has said these things and whether there is something deeper than just being a discriminating bigit. Has anyone stopped to think why he was drinking alone in a pub? Why he was so drunk he was slurring his words? Especially after presenting such a successful collection in front of the likes of Anna Wintour and other high fashion calibre.

It is such a loss to the fashion world, his mistakes have cost him a successful career and he has probably lost many friends because of this. But why have Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss remained close to him? He may be being portrayed as a racist, but then answer me this, why are two of the most influential fashion icons standing by him?

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