Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fashion Faux Pas

Rife in the fashion  news this week are two stories that caught my eye; both similar in subject but different in matter.

The first of that is the fact that Jessica Simpson is sitting on a fashion empire set to profit one billion dollars this year. The singer turned reality star turned yo yo dieter has turned her perfectly manicured hand to the likes of fashion design. The range is obviously extremely successful in the US but how on earth did she go from the ditsy blonde who was made a divorcee thanks to crooner Nick Lachey to high end fashionista? With a lot of help from her management team I am predicting. You can't fault a woman who has dipped her fingers in more pies (quiet literally on some occassions) than a baker; but is it really fair that just because a person is awarded celebrity status they can give their hand to such a creative and well sought after career that many spend years just trying to get their foot into the door?

Take todays story as another example; Sylvester Stallone wants his own fashion line too! This being the guy who has spent most of his life  lying on a plastic  surgeons table trying to make himself be someone that he isn't, whereas fashion to me allows you to portray your true self through creative dressing and styling and experience many different selfs in a non permanent state.
So is Stallone really the right person to be able to just snap his fingers and launch a fashion label of his own?

Don't get me wrong, celebrities do get it right take Victoria Beckham for example. She was mocked by the whole of the fashion industry as the ex Spice Girl trying to make a career in fashion successful. But she did it and now the likes of Elle and Vogue are pawing at her chic dresses and lusting after her handbags. But that's my point exactly; she did it. VB does the designs, material sourcing, press calls etc etc proving that she really is the now the Queen of Fashion as opposed to Queen of Pop.

I just think it must be so frustrating to see celebs who have nothing to do with fashion can set up a range over night whereas so many talented budding designers never even get close to that opportunity. Surely the fashion world should be attempting to embrace the real designer talent of the world amongst the ordinary folk who have sketched until their wrists ached, stitched until their fingers bled and pushed so many times to be noticed just for the doors to be slammed back in their faces...?

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