Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Waity Katie is out of datey

The whole of the fashion world is royally buzzing about the royal wedding in April. the question on most fashionistas and style savvy ladies lips is what will kate wear?! But I'm going to put myself out there right now and say I really really don't care.

I'm fed up of all the fashion mags wondering who will design the "dress of the decade" and what colour it will be or what fabric it will be made of and blah blah blah...

I think my issue began on the announcement of the engagement when every man and his handbag raved over the blue dress kate wore. what an earth was the big fascination with that dress? it was incredibly boring and drab and it wasn't even accessorised well! if it was me having to wear It I  would have added a coral bag and maybe  a pair of Erdem inspired printed heels. But no it was just dull, dull, dull!

Since the engagement, like most of you out there, have had to endure the numerous 'style' shots of drab dresses, poor shoe choices and terrible tresses! come on all you fashion journalists,  LOOK at what your praising here - you should be sent to the royal dungeon!

This is one of the most awful ensembles I have ever seen! what is that print and don't get me started on the footwear...

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