Saturday, 26 March 2011

All hail the longer length

Right, first things first. You must promise not to judge me and not be utterly appalled by my following statement but ... I hate summer!

Yes I know what you're sat there thinking - "but it's summer! The ability to not have to wear tights, the not having to bother with cleverly layered outfits and, most importantly, no hat hair!" And I'll reply with "all very good points but give me those things any day over the fashion horrors that summer brings!"

Aside from the sweat marks and shiny face (yes Yorkshire gets hot too sometimes!) and my perculiar phobia of moths (yes I'm rather strange but they eat your clothes people!) summer is more of a pain than a gain.

I mean first up it's the mad panic diet - who really wants to live off cabbage soup for weeks on end; it does not smell good. Then there's the tanning as your new floral dress won't look good without bronzed skin and talk about being the illuminating beacon of light when your on the beach in a two piece (who needs the sun for light, eh?) Damn the day when opened toed shoes were designed as now I have to keep my nail varnish chipless. And the biggest bain of all - shaving your legs.

Yes yes I know I should be on top of all this anyway but, in all honesty I'm not and I bet you're not  either! But this summer, fashion designers have mercy on us - bringing maxi dresses and skirts into collections making them bang on trend. So not only do we get away with slightly (ahem!) hairy legs but also less areas to fake tan. So thank you Jil Sander for embracing the longer length. And another thought, if your lucky enough to be petite (or, like me, short) then that maxi dress you have just purchased will be so long it should in fact cover your toes meaning you don't have to paint your toe nails.

So forget what I said earlier, I love summer! Well summer of 2011 anyway. We can incorporate our beauty regime from winter ie no tanning or leg shaving and truly embrace the maxi dress and skirt trend. All hail the maxi dress!

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